Nine Manufacturing Associations at the Forefront of Industry

Professional associations exist for every sector in every industry, and manufacturing is no exception. There are dozens of niche associations for everything from metalworking and automation to chemical products and food production. In addition to these specialty groups, there are broad industry associations with which every manufacturing professional should be familiar. These groups are at the forefront of industry, and to stay keyed in on the latest manufacturing news and trends, it pays to belong.

The top professional manufacturing associations include:

  1. National Association of Manufacturing. Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1895, the National Association of Manufacturing (NAM) is an organization providing manufacturers with benefits, such as advocacy, workforce development, legal action,  updates, and current events regarding the manufacturing industry. NAM is also heavily involved in trade shows and at the forefront of new, innovative technologies.
  2. American National Standards Institute. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) uses voluntary consensus standards to ensure consistent and quality products. Their main goal is facilitating the global competitiveness of U.S. businesses. This organization is well-known for helping different sectors set benchmarks for American-made quality.
  3. The American Society for Quality. Founded in the early 1940s, the American Society for Quality (ASQ) works to help members create top-quality products, reduce waste, and develop efficient production lines. They provide training programs and certification options for a range of career paths across all sectors of industry.
  4. The Association for Manufacturing Excellence. The main values of the Association of Manufacturing Excellence include volunteerism, integrity and trust, and a passion for excellence. Through this organization, members can network and improve their companies by sharing best practices and improvement methods. AME hosts multiple networking and educational events each year, including summits, workshops, and tours.
  5. The Association for Manufacturing Technology. AMT works to grow the manufacturing technology industry by providing manufacturers with information on recent technology, facilitating the introduction of new production concepts, and developing effective business strategies. This organization offers several ways for members to get involved, including committees and sponsorship programs.
  6. Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International. The main goal of FMA is to grow and sustain the metal processing, forming, and fabricating industries of North America. It does so by hosting training programs, networking events, and trade shows. FMA also encourages young minds to enter the manufacturing industry with camps and scholarship programs.
  7. Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI. The Manufacturers Alliance works to empower and develop manufacturing leaders by providing a network of peers with which members can share best practices, knowledge, and expertise. It’s an organization singularly focused on professional development and growth.
  8. National Council for Advanced Manufacturing. The National Council for Advanced Manufacturing advocates for advanced manufacturing companies in Washington, DC. Its main goal is to revitalize the manufacturing sector through technological innovation, supply chain integration, sustainable manufacturing, and talent development.
  9. SME. Made up of educators, students, and industry professionals, SME works to support the manufacturing industry by promoting advanced technology and the development of a skilled workforce. SME hosts an annual expo and conference to allow manufacturers to network and expand their knowledge.

Looking for more specific professional associations to follow? Explore the organizations active within your sector, and follow them for pertinent manufacturing information. Rely on the nine industry organizations listed above for broad, overall information about the latest in American manufacturing.

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