Manufacturing Relaxation

When you hear the term “industrial manufacturing”, or “manufacturing” in general, certain themes come to mind; sparks flying as welders weld large pieces of steel, the clank and noise of machinery pushing goods along a conveyor belt, hard hats, steel

Saint-Petersburg Russia - December 6 2016: chemical and biological association with the Academy of Sciences for the production of antioxidant cosmetic and therapeutic and prophylactic products for oral care

toed boots and the smell of oil. However, even the most delicate products are manufactured using industrial equipment.

Bath bombs are quite possibly the world’s best gift to mankind. I may be partial because I’m currently expecting my first child, but there is nothing that beats sinking into a warm bath filled with lavender and sweet smells at the end of a long work day. Even my husband, a man that works twelve, sometimes thirteen hours a day, knows the benefits of a nice bubble bath (but don’t tell him I said that!) Lush is a bath and beauty company in the United States, Canada, and the UK that is known for its fresh ingredients and sustainable manufacturing practices. I imagined their manufacturing facilities would look like open fields with fresh ingredients lovingly crafted by hand and while their bath bombs are hand-made, manufacturing hundreds of thousands of them does cause Lush to rely on some industrial help! At their factories, safety precautions are followed, such as the use of steel toed boots, and protective eyewear. Many of the ingredients used in their products are mixed together using industrial mixers, which are run by large motors, similar to the ones found in any of your typical manufacturing facilities! Once those ingredients are mixed together, the actual “bombs” are formed by hand, but using molds to insure uniform size and quality of each product. The lotions and other liquid products they produced are put into their containers by the use of a piece of equipment that measures out each portion before packaging to ensure a uniform weight.

The fact is, even when being as organic as possible, manufacturing and industrial equipment is necessary to ensure the best product and to keep that company growing! I’ll be thinking about those motors running those industrial mixtures every time I enjoy a warm bubble bath after a long day!

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