Manufacturing an American Made Halloween

So many Halloween goods are made overseas. Don’t be frightened though, there are plenty of options to help you have an American Made Halloween.
What comes to mind first when you think of Halloween? If you are like me, it’s candy. While there are always a variety of options we all know that the kids (ahem) are looking for chocolate first. Don’t worry! Hershey’s is still producing right in, you guessed it Hershey Pennsylvania. They also have many other facilities all across the Country where they produce Kisses, Reese’s, Kit-Kats, Mounds and more. If chocolate isn’t where your heart lies don’t fret. Mike and Ike, Twizzlers, Peeps and Cow Tails are all produced is the grand ol’ USA. 
If costumes are the first thing that come to mind with the spooky day, we’ve got just the treat for you! Heritage Costumes based in California offers same day shipping and all their products are America made. If your on the East Coast don’t worry we’ve got you covered too. Amazon offers a great selection of costumes from Florida based company Little Baron. 
If you want to dead it up at Halloween and need a fix on decorations and party supplies you can rest easy knowing that Susty Party, an eco-friendly US based company has you covered with with everything from plates to silverware. These items can be found at Wegman’s and Whole Foods. If you like to live on the darker side of the pumpkin you can check out Norton’s USA in Illinois, where they offer a wide variety of creepy, crawly, and spooky decorations. 
Let’s not forgot the iconic pumpkin. We recommend staying local. Check out your local farmers, and farmers market. Put the money back into your community. Go for a hay ride, check out the corn maze, and bob for apples! 
However you spend your Halloween remember to make it American Made!
Stay creepy!! 
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