Invest In Your Culture to Invest In Your Employees

The shift to a new calendar year will bring more retirement announcements and a new crop of young, hungry workers to the manufacturing industry. As the workforce continues to get younger, it will become more and more important for business management to invest in new ways to instill pride and happiness in their workers. Beyond pay and benefits, what can companies do to attract and retain talent? The answer may lie in company culture.


Define Cultural Values

Every company wants to be successful, but how do you want to be as a company? Is transparency a key component of your management team? Then outline it as a core company value. Do you value input and innovation from your workers? Make it clear that’s a cultural priority across the board. A set of well-defined culture codes is a quick way to show potential hirees and current workers the kind of collective business you want to run and the type of people you want working for you.


Budget for Perks

Something as simple as regularly stocked snacks and drinks in break rooms or a recreational area with a ping pong or billiards table can do the trick here. Larger perks might include a stipend for a local gym membership, or an small on-site workout area. Younger workers value the chance to develop camaraderie with their coworkers, and on-site spaces that facilitate that let them know the company is as concerned with their psychological and physical well-being as their job performance.


Revamp Online Presence

Your company website is more than just a hub to gather leads and provide contact information. Potential applicants want – and need – to be able to gain a quick understanding of what your company stands for and why. Job descriptions should reflect that as well. This also extends to social media, where recruiters will likely be making first points of contact with job candidates.


Allocate Time for Recreation

Small company outings like picnics, a fantasy sports league among workers or a tournament on that break room ping pong table can help break up the routine of work and build a stronger bond between your workers and your leadership teams.


A worker who feels comfortable and respected by the company he or she works for is exponentially more likely to take more pride in the job and work harder. With younger workers continuing to enter the workforce in 2019, it will be critically important to look at the intangible benefits of culture as a way to get the most out of your workers. What are some ways your company focuses on culture? Share with us in the comments below.

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