Improve Company Productivity Through Worker Happiness

Only 45% of Americans report job satisfaction. This figure is down from 1987’s 61.1%. Why should this matter to you? Employee happiness is linked to productivity. So, as a plant or maintenance supervisor, how can you best utilize this information to increase company productivity?

Maintain an open dialogue

Employees require more than an “open door policy.” An open door enables employees to access your office — but an open dialogue provides employees access to your knowledge, goals, and barriers.

Sharing information means no employee feels as though he or she is “always the last to know.” Striving toward common goals can motivate your employees toward specific success targets. Collaborating on problems gives workers stakes in finding solutions. Creating this type of cooperative environment can improve worker engagement and trust, which can therefore increase productivity and overall employee happiness.

Give workers voices

As the saying goes, “We have two ears and one mouth for a reason: We should listen twice as much as we speak.” Just because you’re a supervisor who can give orders to your employees doesn’t mean you should.

Instead, ask questions and listen carefully. Employee input can help you better manage workflows, responsibilities, and productivity.

Change comes from the top

An empowered employee is a happy employee. All too often, managers mistakenly remove “responsibility” from staff job descriptions. Employees who take ownership of and responsibility for their jobs feel empowered. As a manager, it’s your responsibility to provide this opportunity to your employees.

In an increasingly global marketplace, productivity can determine the difference between success and failure. Increase company productivity without increasing your budget by maintaining an open dialogue, giving workers voices, and orchestrating change toward empowerment and trust — starting with you. Your employees will likely be happier — and your bottom line will thank you, too.

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