How Do You Fully Test A Repaired Servo Drive?

Servo drives can be tricky to repair. They are more difficult because they are harder to fully test once a repair is made. Here at Global Electronic Services we have engineers on staff who are constantly designing Custom Engineered Test Stands so that we can have the capability to fully load and function test our repaired servo drives right here in house. We are firm believers that to fully repair a servo drive, you need the ability replicate the errors that the failing drive is experiencing in its natural environment. Once the servo drive is repaired, it is important to have the ability to communicate with it, ensure that it will receive it’s software and test it for full functionality. Watch in this video as one of our servo drive technicians repairs an Allen-Bradley Ultra 3000 Multi-axis Digital Servo Drive. He is able to analyze the failing servo drive and determine a bad bridge rectifier as the culprit. Once the bridge is replaced he can fully test the drive on the test stand as well as communicate with it and verify the software.

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