How 5G Can Benefit Your Manufacturing

Companies throughout many industries have been waiting anxiously for the widespread arrival of 5G, confident it will signal the next industrial revolution. Manufacturing businesses are no exception. But should manufacturing companies get excited about 5G? What will it really change? Here are three aspects of manufacturing 5G will improve.

1. Supply Chain Efficiency

First, it’s important to understand what 5G represents. It is digital communication that offers low latency and greater bandwidth. What this means to you is a better and faster digital response. As manufacturing floors are becoming increasingly more automated, it should be easy to see how valuable a superfast digital response can be.

The benefits of 5G should become immediately apparent due to its effects on your supply chain. 5G could enable features like the ability to track and identify goods and inspect them remotely almost instantly in real time. It can also work to signal managers when machines connected on the network are need of maintenance or repair before it causes any kind of work shut down or slow down.

Picture pallet-carrying, stock transporting robots that can avoid most obstructions thanks to a reaction system guided by superfast 5G technology, rather than getting stuck and requiring a human operator to come to the floor and straighten it out. You can probably already start to imagine all the ways 5G can streamline your supply chain.

2. Manufacturing Safety

5G can also help with what may be the most critical issue facing manufacturing companies today: safety. The manufacturing industry sees hundreds of thousands of injuries every year — exponentially more than most other sectors. That hurts your team, and it can seriously impact your bottom line, as well.

5G can help improve safety in your facility in several ways, such as by linking machines to an alarm on the network that can stop those machines virtually instantly when triggered to avoid an accident or minimize damage if an accident has already taken place.

5G can also help operators more effectively use robots to test hazardous materials or work in dangerous environments, using innovations like tactile gloves that can allow human operators to experience temperature and texture gradients in a hostile environment from a safe location.

3. Productivity

Better safety and supply chain efficiency naturally leads to higher productivity. When employees feel safe and all the parts of your manufacturing operation are working together swiftly and smoothly, more gets done, which means you can see higher profits and invest in even greater technological innovations.

Whatever Wi-Fi technology is doing for your manufacturing business right now, 5G will be able to do faster and better — along with some things you just can’t do with Wi-Fi. If you’re looking forward to the widespread implementation of 5G, it is with very good reason.

What are your questions and concerns about 5G? What are you looking forward to the most? How do you think 5G will fit into your manufacturing plan? Let us know in the comments. To learn more, visit us now at Global Electronic Services.

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