Investing in High Tech Industries for High Tech Jobs

New technologies are starting to find their footing in the crowded 21st century manufacturing landscape. Along with robotics removing a good portion of manual labor in traditional manufacturing roles, these high tech industries are bound to change the manufacturing landscape. Here are a few industries that could take off in the next several years and re-shape the way we think about manufacturing jobs.

Rockets – Space exploration will soon have a booming privatized side. The rise of Elon Musk’s business ventures and the intention of his rocket company, SpaceX, to send a human to Mars has caused an uptick in need for skilled engineers and expert welders. We may still be years away from human exploration past The Moon, but advancements in the complexity of these systems will directly impact opportunities for tradesmen.

Energy – Changes to the collection and refining process for crude oil and natural gas has called for upgrades to the technology being used. Drilling techniques have changed to reduce waste and the storage and cooling of natural gas requires complex terminals that must be designed, built, and maintained.

On the alternative energy landscape, wind and solar farms are growing in size and complexity, requiring an investment in highly skilled tradesmen and dedicated manufacturing facilities and power plants.

3D Printing – What was once considered a bit of a novelty is taking form as an efficient means of producing anything imaginable to exact specifications. For example, auto manufacturers can print prototypes for car parts in a matter of days. The applications for manufacturing are widespread, including:

  • Raw materials could be kept on-site
  • Production time reduction
  • Cutting R&D costs
  • Reduction in inventory costs
  • An uptick in jobs focusing on design, complexity, and maintenance of printers

What are some of the emerging technologies that you think will change the way we approach and think about manufacturing jobs? Share with us in the comments section below.

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