Happy Independence Day from Global Electronic Services!

You don’t want to make a simple but costly mistake on the plant floor, so why would you take an unnecessary risk on a national day of celebration? Independence Day is one many Americans look forward to: It’s the unofficial start to summer for some, a family reunion celebration and the country’s birthday in one, and a chance to wear one’s red, white, and blue best! Today, be fun and safe when you keep some of your manufacturing training in mind as you take part in Fourth of July festivities.

  1. Preschooler Holding Us Flag And Beachball Posing With DogHydrate. Just like on the plant floor, you need to stay hydrated this Independence Day — especially if you’re spending time in the sun, enjoying some adult beverages, or combining the two.
  2. Beat the heat. You take breaks at work, so don’t forget to take a few this holiday weekend! Pause to get out of the sun and cool off when you start to feel warm or dizzy. Pair your rest times with water breaks for the best of both worlds!
  3. Keep an eye out. Since many celebrate grilling on the barbecue, enjoying time in nature or near a body of water, or lighting fireworks, it’s important to be mindful of everyone’s safety. Keep pets and children away from grills, ensure everyone wears life jackets, and put a responsible adult in charge of lighting sparklers and other fireworks to avoid accidents and injuries. Bring your care for your co-workers to today’s celebrations so everyone gets home safely.

Of course, some things don’t translate from the production line to holidays. In the case of this day of celebration, remember your fireworks basics to avoid injury and ensure you’re saving your time off for vacation — rather than using it on sick days. Ask yourself these simple questions to keep yourself and your friends, family, and neighbors safe:

  1. SparklerAre fireworks legal where you’ll be celebrating? If not, it’s best to avoid them. Watch a major fireworks display instead! Display presenters and supports help ensure safety precautions are taken care of — and some put on great shows!
  2. Is it safe to light fireworks? Especially in dry areas, and even if fireworks are legal, you might want to hold off for environmental purposes. If you start a wildfire — which you could be prosecuted for — you’re also putting neighbors’ homes at risk and endangering wildlife habitats.
  3. Speaking of animals, do your neighbors have pets? Family critters tend to be frightened by sudden, loud noises — especially those they’re not used to. Plus, if you live in an area with many families, it’s also important to consider those with children who have unique needs and who may also be frightened.
  4. Do you have water nearby? When lighting fireworks, you may occasionally come across a dud. If it doesn’t light the first time, don’t try to light it again. Instead, put it out in a bucket of water to ensure it won’t cause any issues.

Have a safe and happy Independence Day, from your friends at Global Electronic Services!

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