Guinness World Record Set for Pallet Toppling by Exporta Global

The Guinness Book of World Records is famous for collecting all sorts of accomplishments, from the mundane to the highly unusual. In 2018, Exporta Global Manufacturing set a world record that will be of interest to the manufacturing world.

What World Record Did Exporta Global Set?

So, what record did Exporta set? Would you believe it was the new Guinness world record for plastic pallet toppling?

Plastic pallet toppling isn’t necessarily something the world has never seen before. LIDL Spain held the previous record, with 1,200 toppled pallets. What exactly is pallet toppling, though? When you stand plastic pallets up vertically, one in front of the other, you can arrange them — carefully — like dominoes. When you knock down the first one, it starts the chain reaction of falling pallets, creating a thrilling spectacle.

Plastic Pallet Toppling World Record 2018

Of course, such a record, which Exporta Global set by toppling a whopping 1,377 pallets, does not happen by accident. Setting the record was the brainchild of Craig Dunn, Head of Marketing for Exporta Global, who got the idea when he saw a number of pallets on a company farm arranged on their side.

“What would it look like to knock over 1,000 of them like a giant domino challenge?” He wondered. After a little research and finding out about LIDL Spain’s record, he knew setting up the record and recording the breaking of it would be a great way to gain exposure and generate interest in his company’s products.

How It Happened

How did they put it all together? Starting at 5:30 in the morning on June 4, 2018, Exporta Global staff gathered at the Exporta warehouse to set up the pallets, knowing that it had to be all done and the warehouse operational again in six hours.

They split into two teams at opposite ends of the warehouse to set up the rows of pallets — being very careful not to slip and knock any over, which would have required starting all over in a very limited amount of time. Once all the rows were in place, they added arcs of pallets to connect each row. Then, with everything set, they started the cameras, knocked over the first pallet — and the rest is history.

What Now?

Will this record ever be broken? Perhaps your company will be the one to break it! Perhaps your manufacturing company will break a different type of record. In today’s globally-connected community, finding ways to make your manufacturing business stand out, especially ways that can be posted and shared on video over the internet, is a great way to generate business and brand loyalty. What record-breaking ideas will your company come up with?

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