These Poor Customer Service Qualities Will Cost You Customers

Manufacturing trends motivate many companies to create the best products possible to attract and retain customers. While your company’s products may be exceptional, customers will quickly switch to a competitor if they experience poor customer service.

Customers are more likely to leave a business if there is an ongoing or even a one-time issue. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to improve customer service and keep your customers happy and likely to return.

Here are the top four most common problems with customer service and tips for how to improve the customer experience.

1. Long Wait Time

While a wait might be necessary, customers want to get in touch with the next representative as quickly as possible so they can get back to their day. If the wait becomes too long, many customers give up and leave the business.

At your company, pinpoint the reasons why customers are waiting and make appropriate adjustments. For example, create a standard for answering the call, such as within 20 seconds or three rings.

If the customer must wait again during the call, representatives need to tell the customer what to expect by providing:

  • The estimated wait time
  • The name of the department they are being transferred to
  • Why they are being transferred

2. Multiple Phone Calls

When calling customer service, customers expect that one phone call will resolve their problems. Having to call multiple times to resolve the same issue may cause the customer to take their business elsewhere.

Your representatives can keep track of common issues and put them on an FAQ page on your website. This will save time for both the customers and the representatives. Make sure that your team receives enough training to be able to help the customer the first time.

3. Poorly Trained Representatives

Customers trust that the representative who takes their call will understand and resolve their problem. If a customer consistently talks to an undertrained representative, they may seek out another company.

Representatives need to undergo sufficient training before they start taking calls. If representatives do not have the proper tools to help the customer, your company can create or white-label software programs that will assist them.

4. Repetition of Explaining the Issue

Your customers want to resolve their issue in one phone call and only want to explain their problem one time. Explaining the issue multiple times to different people is time-consuming and may cause the customer to give up on your business.

If representatives have access to customer service software, they can take notes on what the issue is. If the call must be transferred to someone else, the next representative can read the notes to understand the problem without having to ask the customer.

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