DOE and NAM Partner Up in the Name of Sustainability

Do you practice sustainable manufacturing in your facility? The Department of Energy (DOE) and National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) have partnered up to implement green manufacturing goals. As part of its Better Plants initiative, the DOE is teaming up with NAM for the Sustainability in Manufacturing partnership to help manufacturers strengthen their investments in sustainable practices and increase their manufacturing energy efficiency. What else are they targeting through the partnership — and what makes these organizations the perfect pair to improve energy efficiency in U.S. manufacturing facilities?


The DOE is an executive branch of the U.S. federal government that develops policies for energy resource use in the nation while the NAM represents both small- and large-scale manufacturers across the 50 states. Because of their roles in shaping manufacturing throughout the country, these two institutions — one public and one private — are uniquely suited to continue their missions in supporting energy efficient technology adoption through this new endeavor. And, with the ability to work directly with the manufacturers they support through their work, they’re also able to spur direct impacts where they matter most: plant floors.

“Working alongside our private sector partners, we are driving cost savings and a stronger, more secure U.S. industrial base. The Department’s partnership with the National Association of Manufacturers will further spotlight industrial leadership and boost awareness of the resources across the DOE enterprise to boost manufacturing competitiveness through energy savings.”

—  U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry

Sustainability goals

While the DOE and NAM recognize manufacturers who lead sustainability efforts through their Sustainability in Manufacturing partnership, their alliance is also aimed at helping those not yet fully invested identify opportunities for improving their energy efficiency. Manufacturers who are involved in the parent initiative, the Better Plants program, set 10-year targets of reducing energy use by 25% on average. To help achieve these goals, DOE and NAM representatives identify individual manufacturers and companies and work with them to set energy efficiency goals. They also help them implement innovative energy strategies. By continuing to research and develop new creative solutions, those involved hope to further amplify sustainable manufacturing successes today and into the future.

“Manufacturers accept the responsibility to better the future of our communities, our environment and our children, which is why over the past decade, we have reduced emissions by 10 percent even as our value to the economy has increased 19 percent. This initiative is another example of the Trump Administration’s true partnership with manufacturers in America and it will take our sustainability efforts to a new level of progress.”

NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons

Manufacturing benefits

Through the partnership, manufacturers have opportunities to strengthen and secure this U.S. industrial base by sharing their approaches to energy savings in their facilities. And, as manufacturers in the nation spend more than $200 billion to power their facilities, reduction in energy costs can enable them to reinvest in other areas, creating more jobs, increasing competition, and adding to the bottom line. In fact, sustainable manufacturing reduces costs, increases competitive advantage, builds public trust, and also puts manufacturers in better positions when responding to regulatory constraints. Will you join the sustainability movement and reap these benefits for your manufacturing facility?

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