Creators Wanted: Pfizer’s Big Push

Pfizer is one of the nation’s leading biopharmaceutical companies. They started a campaign this month to increase interest and enhance perceptions of modern manufacturing careers. This campaign has been labeled “Creators Wanted” and encompasses advertisements, digital targeting, and storytelling from those currently in the field. The purpose of the campaign is to bring interest back to the field but not only with the current workforce. There is a strong push toward the upcoming workforce. Pfizer has a website host for the campaign, aptly named The website carries a section just for parents who may be helping their high school aged children make decisions on career paths. The website highlights the success and sustainability of people in the biopharmaceutical field and what career paths are available, with specific focuses on Manufacturing, Engineering and Biochemistry.
With a thought provoking campaign name like “Creators Wanted” Pfizer hopes to bring innovative and creativity driven workers to help creative the future of cures.

Pfizer currently has 17 facilities in 11 states and Puerto Rico. So far in 2017 Pfizer has added more than 700 jobs in the US alone. They have also invested 2.1 Billion on manufacturing over the last five years in the US. They are an American company that was founded 168 years ago in Brooklyn, NY. They continue to invest in American workers and American jobs.

The biopharmaceutical industry currently has 4.5 Million jobs and companies invest nearly $59 Billion per year in research and development in the United States. It is clear that the biopharmaceutical field is continually growing and that companies are highly focused on ensuring the growth of the working pool to fuel this industry.

With insightful slogans like “Creators Wanted” and “Come Create the Future” we are sure that Pfizer’s campaign will reap the benefits for not only themselves but for other companies in the field.

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