Communication Is Changing in Manufacturing Facilities

Communication is one of the most critical frameworks for success within the factory environment. Without it, manufacturing environments become rife with risk. Clear, consistent, accessible communication offsets this risk and can create opportunities for improvement. It’s why many manufacturers are making modern, tech-heavy investments in internal communication systems.

Communication is key across the factory

Why is communication so important? For one thing, consistent, open communication makes the workplace safer. A safer factory is a more productive one, so it follows that good communication is the key to operational efficiency. For example, when equipment fails or material stock runs low, efficient communication enables staff to solve the problem quickly and without confusion to maintain production.

Traditionally, there’s been plenty of face-to-face communication on the factory floor, but that’s not always the case in today’s factory environment. By adopting new technologies, manufacturers increase not only the scope and speed of communication in the factory, but also the ease and integrity of that communication. The result is a higher caliber of understanding, regardless of the message.

A closer look at today’s communication options

Easy-to-implement and easy-to-use technologies are changing the way factory workers talk to each other — for the better. Popular digital communication apps are making it easier for factory managers to send direct messages to team members. They offer a simple, immediate, social-media-style way to connect with workers across the factory floor: one that’s effective and familiar.

Other technologies, such as Bites, enable snapshot recordings for archival communication purposes. From training to project tracking, risk management to morale boosting, Bites and other multimedia technologies are making the factory floor a better place to work for every employee. The ability to film, store, send, and interject these message snippets into vital factory operations has opened the door to point-of-need communication.

Manufacturers need to prioritize ease of communication

Effective communication provides countless benefits across the factory floor. Manufacturing managers should prioritize ease of use while developing a factory-wide communication strategy, with mobile technology playing a leading role. Smartphones have become commonplace among workers, and many have regular access to tablets and other screens that are conducive to mobile messaging. Building a framework for sending and receiving messages across these devices is the biggest challenge manufacturers face in breaking the digital communications threshold in their factories.

Ultimately, digital communication technologies give the entire factory an easy, direct way to distribute important information. It’s key to ensuring enterprise-wide alignment that promotes worker safety, keeps production on schedule, and helps address changing customer needs in real time.

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