Top 10 Cities With Highest Gender Equity Amongst Manufacturing Workers

The manufacturing gender gap is cause for concern among many companies today. Manufacturing gender equity is an important element in keeping the manufacturing talent pool fresh and getting the best and most qualified people for the job. How does your city compare when it comes to gender equity in manufacturing?

Here are the top ten manufacturing cities when it comes to gender equity.

10. Boston

Boston is a surprisingly strong city when it comes to women in manufacturing, with over 70,000 jobs in the sector being held by women, representing about a third of the manufacturing workforce.

9. Atlanta

Atlanta sits right around the same neighborhood when it comes to women in manufacturing, with a little over 73,000 manufacturing jobs occupied by women representing roughly 32 percent of the manufacturing workforce.

8. Houston

One of the major manufacturing cities in Texas, women represent a little less than a quarter of the manufacturing workforce, however, this works out to over 76,000 jobs.

7. Minneapolis

The Twin City also features over 76,000 women in manufacturing, which represents about 30 percent of the entire manufacturing job force.

6. Philadelphia

The city of brotherly love has plenty of sisterly love when it comes to manufacturing, with over 80,000 manufacturing jobs in the hands of women, for a little over 31 percent of total manufacturing jobs.

5. Detroit

It will not surprise you to learn that Detroit features a great many women in manufacturing, many of whom are in the automobile industry. Over 93,000 of those jobs are held by women, representing over a quarter of the total manufacturing workforce.

4. Dallas

Another massive manufacturing city in Texas, Dallas women hold over 28 percent of the manufacturing jobs, for about 94,440 total.

3. Chicago

While representing less than a third of the total workforce, Chicago still has an enormous number of women employed in manufacturing: over 173,000.

2. New York

Unsurprisingly, the city that never sleeps needs plenty of women in the workforce to keep its manufacturing sector humming. Women represent a full 38 percent of New York’s manufacturing jobs, with over 213,000 women being put to work every business day.

1. Los Angeles

The big winner when it comes to female-held manufacturing jobs is Los Angeles. Although they represent only a third of the total, over 228,000 women in Los Angeles enjoy manufacturing jobs. This represents about five times more female manufacturing workers than the average metro area. As an added bonus, Los Angeles has the smallest gender wage gap, at a little over 10 percent.

If your city didn’t make this list, or it’s not as high as you’d like it to be, and you are involved in manufacturing, there are certainly steps you can take to help improve your standing. Offering opportunities and initiatives for women in manufacturing can only expand and enhance your pool of talented potential manufacturing workers, giving you a better chance of having the best people on the floor, in the office and throughout your company.

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