Can A Whole House Be Manufactured From A 3D Printer?

When you think of manufactured houses, what comes to mind? Mobile homes? The future of manufactured homes could be 3D-printing in concrete! While there have been many excellent examples of concrete printing, including a castle and individual components like structural beams, the game changer could be a company in Russia that printed an entire residential structure in under 24 hours for a cost of just over $10,000.

Apis Cor, based in Russia and San Francisco, used a printer on-site – unique to their design process. Most other concrete structures are “built” (printed) elsewhere and then assembled at the final location. Apis Cor printed on-site which eliminates the need to move and reassemble the structure at its final destination.

All of the core house features, including walls, partitions and building are printed using a concrete mixture. Once printed, the 3D printer is removed via crane through the ceiling opening and a roof, interior fixtures and paint are added.

While still in early development advancements in concrete 3D printing technology could create great upheaval in the housing industries. Houses that used to cost hundreds of thousands to construct, if printed instead, could substantially lower the cost of home ownership. This in turn could disrupt the mortgage industry. It could also provide significant improvements in low-income housing, providing wider availability and higher quality housing for less.

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