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Many companies enjoy having quality products that use Total Control smart displays, smart touch controls, CPU boards and other touch screen products. They can make your operations go extremely smoothly — but that only holds true if they’re working correctly. If they’re not, you need to swap them out for ones that do — and fast. If you want quick, affordable repair for your Total Control products, you want to talk to us at Global Electronic Services.

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Why Choose Us for Your Total Control Repair?

What’s so special about Global Electronic Services for Total Control repair? Everything! We have a focus on customer service that you haven’t experienced with any other electronics repair company. When you call us, a live person will answer — one who is friendly, knowledgeable and happy to answer any of your repair questions.

When you send us your Total Control electronics product for repair, we’ll fix it and send it back to you within the week. Most repairs take five days or less, and we can rush the piece to you in two days or less if needed. You can even call us anytime during the process to see how your repair is going or track it online.

Once you get your repaired Total Control monitor or other device back, it will work just as it’s supposed to. That’s our promise, backed up by our industry-leading 18-month In-Service Warranty.

We’ll give you an accurate quote before we begin work, and it will always be sensitive to your budget. In fact, if you can find a valid competitor anywhere who will offer you a lower price, we’ll beat that price by 10%. That’s our Global Price Guarantee.

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Total Control Replacement Parts That We Provide and Products We Repair

If you’re looking for Total Control monitor repair or replacement or want to refurbish a Total Control smart display, we can help. Contact us for assistance with:

Next Steps — Request a Quote and Send in a Repair

How does it all work? Simple. First, tell us about your repair. You can fill out a contact form online or call us at 877-249-1701. The more you can tell us, the more accurately we can estimate the cost. When you send us your Total Control device for repair, we can take it apart and give you a more precise quote on the repair cost.

We’ll test all the components and replace everything that needs to be replaced. We’ll then check and clean everything, reassemble your device and test it again to make sure it’s in perfect working order before we send it back to you. Only when we’re sure that you’ll be completely satisfied will we ship it back, but that will virtually always be within five days of us receiving the product.

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There’s no need for you to be losing precious time waiting for your equipment to work. Get in touch for a quote on your repair now.

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