Why Choose Global Electronic Services for Your GETTYS Repair Services?

Many companies rely on Gettys electronics for their daily operations. From servo motors to tach comp boards to standard PCBs and more, Gettys has come to be known as a name that’s synonymous with electronics quality. But that doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong every now and then. When they do, will you know where to turn? You will now. Global Electronic Services is the clear choice for all your electronics and motor repair needs, including for all your Gettys products.

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Advantages to Calling Us for Your Gettys Product Repair

Global Electronic Services has been a leading expert in Gettys servo drive repair for years. Our technicians are certified and factory-trained to expertly perform Gettys servo motor repair, drive card board repair and any other Gettys product repairs you need. That’s a promise that we back up with an 18-month In-Service Warranty, the leading warranty in the industry.

High-quality repair is only part of what makes Global Electronic Services the best choice for electronics repair. Our customer service is second to none. When you get us on the phone, there will always be a live human on the other end of the line who knows electronics and who you can talk to in-depth about your problem with your Gettys product or any other electronics equipment.

The process for getting a repair started is easy (see below), and once we get started, you’ll be happy to know that we’ll complete your repair in five days or less from the time we receive your product. We know minimizing downtime is a priority, and we’ve established a system designed to make sure you experience as little as possible. We also offer rush service that we turn around in two days or less.

While this all may seem too good to be true, you haven’t heard the best part. We do it all for the lowest possible price. If you can find a legitimate competitor offering the same repair for less, we’ll beat their price by 10%.

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A Full Line of Gettys Products That We Can Repair or Replace

Whatever your Gettys product is, we’re sure we’ve fixed it before and can repair or replace yours. We can take on all Gettys products, including:

Next Steps — Request a Quote and Send in a Repair

The easy repair process goes as follows. Call us up right now at 877-249-1701 or click the link below to request a quote online. Tell us everything you can about your repair, and one of our experts will come up with an estimate. Then, ship us the product. As soon as we get it, we’ll open it up and figure out the problem. We’ll quote you a price and, once approved, get to repairing or replacing as needed.

In a matter of days from when you ship your product out, we’ll have tested it, repaired it, cleaned it, assembled it, tested it again, wrapped it up and sent it right back to you.

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Making sure your Gettys products are always working the way they’re supposed to has never been easier. For the lowest price on the best repair with the best customer service, contact us today.

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