Big Changes and Trends in Industrial Business This Past Year

With 2017 nearly behind us and manufacturing in a steady cycle of growth, one can’t help but wonder what the New Year will bring. But as we head toward the new year, we will take look back on how the times have changed for manufacturers – for better or worse.

The Digital Makeover

We have covered previously in our blogs the Industrial Internet of Things and its effect on manufacturing. More devices can capture data, record trends and talk to each other like never before. As more devices become connected, data has become king, adding efficiency to a wide range of processes on the production floor. Being able to gather real time data from a broad range of devices has made process engineers able to create a leaner, more robust method of production. Conversely, this has created a sort of slump to traditionalist and older generation companies who have yet to embrace the new normal. Costs of upgrading obsolete equipment run at an all time high.


Collaboration on a global scale has always been challenging for companies. In past years most communication was disseminated through phone calls, email or corporate travel. Now methods of exchange like social media and video conferencing have taken off, creating new avenues where partners, vendors and customers can share ideas, provide support and transact at a pace never enjoyed by previous generations. The ability to instantly become face to face with a colleague at any time and distance has never been more accessible.


The years of the traditional job posting to the local paper may be long behind us. Companies are now challenged by an entirely plugged in generation with technology driving vast changes in how their workforce is recruited. To compete, companies are now having to show understanding and agility when dealing with hiring almost completely through online means. Everything from data gathering, to deciphering various talent profiles, to even dealing with criminals and scammers, the age of the internet has created a challenging environment indeed.

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