Best Practices for Customer Satisfaction in Manufacturing Companies

In the new era of business, customer satisfaction is more important than ever before. It is no longer sufficient just to make a great product. Today’s consumers have access to a nearly unlimited range of choices thanks to the internet, as well as the ability to express their satisfaction — or lack thereof — via social media. The ability to make customers happy in your manufacturing job is paramount. Here are some suggestions for increasing customer satisfaction in manufacturing companies like yours:

  1. Dedicated Customer Service Representatives

Many manufacturing companies, especially smaller ones, may be tempted to have customer service questions and complaints handled by whoever is closest to the phone. This is simply not satisfactory in the current customer satisfaction-focused environment.

One of the top tips for manufacturing customer service practices is to employ customer service professionals who have a variety of skills, including an understanding of the technical aspects of your business, good problem-solving abilities and, perhaps most importantly, strong interpersonal skills — as they may often be dealing with customers who are frustrated or confused.

  1. Feedback

One of the biggest indicators of whether a customer will remain loyal to a company is whether or not they feel heard and understood by that company. Customers are more satisfied when they feel their specific business is valued, and they are not just another sale.

A good manufacturing company will have an effective vehicle to receive feedback, such as a dedicated email address for suggestions or a specific online comment form that customers can submit, and will be diligent about responding to the feedback they receive.

  1. Availability

Customers like to feel that they can have access to the companies they patronize whenever they want it. While this may seem a bit entitled on the part of the consumer and somewhat inconvenient for the company, the fact is, they are getting that access, and if others in your sector are providing it and you are not, you risk losing customers.

A 24/7 live helpline, even if the person on the other end is simply there to take down the issue and promise a call back during normal business hours, can give you a significant edge in terms of customer satisfaction.

  1. Guarantees/Return Policy

A generous return policy or a guarantee that you will correct any issue may give some manufacturers pause for fear customers will take advantage. However, experience shows that such responsiveness is highly appreciated by customers, and many companies have had great success taking this approach.

Benefits to a Comprehensive Customer Satisfaction Strategy for Manufacturing Companies

In the past, there has often been some measure of distance between manufacturers and those who utilize their products, making customer satisfaction less of a priority. Digital technology has removed that distance, and manufacturers who can take advantage of this fact, rather than try to ignore it, are sure to flourish in the coming decades.

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