Three Ways to Improve Your B2B Customer Service

In recent years, there’s been a lot of focus on customer experience. Customer or user experience is vital to the success of businesses that sell goods or services directly to consumers. While many companies recognize that, too few realize that customer service is also a vital component that’s necessary for B2B organizations to succeed.

As it relates to B2B customers, the service they receive when they reach out to a B2B provider often lags noticeably behind the treatment they receive when they contact a business as an individual consumer. Although that’s often the case, it doesn’t have to be. You can still make the customer experience a satisfying one that exceeds expectations when you sell goods or services to other organizations.

1. Make a Commitment

If customer retention is your goal as a B2B operator, you need to make a commitment to provide the best customer experience possible. And that starts with prioritizing customer service at every level of your organization, from the C-suite to staff on the front lines. Every employee who interacts with a customer should be committed to delighting them with each exchange.

Responsibility for providing excellent service shouldn’t be reserved for the agents fielding calls or engaging in online chats. Every employee can contribute to successful customer service. Your sales team can provide product updates to your customer service reps, for example. Maintenance personnel can support customer service by ensuring your agents’ work environment is pleasant and well-maintained. You can even facilitate superb customer service by setting an example others are expected to emulate by manning the desk of an agent from time to time.

Just like the CEO of JetBlue was seen picking up trash on one of the airline’s planes recently, no job is too menial for anyone in your organization as it relates to customer service.

2. Understand and Deliver

Too many B2B providers think their customers only care about quality and price. While those things are important, customers are often concerned about other things as well. To provide stellar service, your team needs to be able to understand what customers want and deliver solutions for their pain points. Active listening will enable your staff to identify customer concerns and deliver custom solutions that exceed expectations. Listening to your customers may also help you identify aspects of your operation that you can use to distinguish your business from competitors.

3. Make Things Easy

To provide a great customer experience, you need to make it easy for your customers to get the assistance they need. Put your toll-free number in the header of every page on your website. Global Electronic Services has a toll-free number our valued clients can use to get help around-the-clock every day of the year, including holidays.

You can also find a Q&A page on our website. This page lists questions we’re asked often and the answers to those inquiries. By making this information readily available, we empower our customers to answer some of their own questions with a single click.

We also have an Ask a Technician page in our digital help center. Using this page, our site’s visitors can ask a question that will be answered by a knowledgeable technician within 24 to 48 hours, although many questions are answered the same day.

No matter what page you’re on, you’ll see a Help button in the lower right-hand corner of your screen when you visit our website. When you click that button, a chat box will pop up, allowing you to contact a customer service rep directly online.

For a customer experience that’s memorable for all the right reasons, get in touch with Global Electronic Services today!

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