7 Tips for Avoiding Machine Corrosion

Corrosion is the mortal enemy of machines. Metal is the primary component of most machines and oxygen loves to combine with metal and create rust, enough of which will make it impossible for you to use your machine. In fact, you may not be aware that corrosion is responsible for billions of dollars in losses to American industry each year.

Even if a corroded machine is not completely useless, it will still take some time to get rid of the corrosion and render it workable again. In addition, corroded machines that are still in operation may leak or cause fires. These are all eventualities you should avoid.

In that spirit, here are seven tips for fighting machine corrosion:

  1. Clean Your Machines After Every Use: You never know what kind of substances your machines can pick up during use, and some of them may be corrosive. Make sure each machine gets a good cleaning at the end of the day.
  2. Watch Your Hoses: If your machine has hydraulic hoses and you disconnect them from your machine, hang them up. If they are allowed to lie on the ground, the connections are much more likely to get rusty.
  3. Watch Your Cylinders: Similarly, hydraulic cylinder rods can get corroded if left exposed, so retract any exposed cylinders or cover them with protective grease.
  4. Galvanize: Galvanizing metal is a process of applying a zinc coating that attracts oxygen so it doesn’t rust the underlying metal. If you are able to galvanize a machine and you’re concerned about rust, this is a great way to ward it off.
  5. Anticorrosive Adjacent Materials: Even if you cannot or do not want to galvanize your machines, you can still use zinc or magnesium to protect them from corrosion. Just keeping a large block of zinc or magnesium next to your machine can draw away the oxygen ions and help prevent corrosion.
  6. Store Your Machines Inside: The elements are the greatest threat to your machines when it comes to corrosion. Rain, humidity and industrial pollutants can all rapidly bring the onset of corrosion. If you have to use your machines outside, make sure you get them inside as soon as possible. If they’ve been out in the rain, get them completely dry immediately.
  7. Paint Your Machine: The right paint can serve as a barrier against corrosion. The most popular type of paint for this is polyurethane, although epoxy coatings and alkyd enamels work well also.

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