How to Avoid the Summer Slump

You may have experienced it in your business before, and maybe you experience it every year — it’s the summer slump. The weather gets nice, and being cooped up in an office or factory doesn’t seem like such a great deal anymore. Growing up, we all got used to the idea of summer vacation and having a few months off to fool around. As adults, summer vacation isn’t always an option, and even when it is, we can’t slack off the last few weeks before our time off just waiting to get out the door.

As an employee manager, how can you keep your team focused and productive during the summer, especially if some vacation days are looming?

Summer Employee Motivation Tips

If your workplace is suffering from some less-than-motivated employees this summer, here are four ideas for how to get them back on track.

1. Flexible Schedules

Flexible schedules can actually be a great idea all year round, but the summer can be the best time to start trying to implement them. Certain employees work better in the morning, while others get more done later in the day. Some are happy to work extra hours early in the week to get an extra long weekend. As long as the work gets done in a timely fashion, when it gets done shouldn’t matter, especially if it makes workers more productive. Giving workers control over their schedule may counteract some of those summertime blues.

2. Summer Fridays

A lot of companies offer half days — or at least the option to leave a few hours early — on Fridays. The reality is that often little gets done in those hours anyway, and giving your employees the opportunity to enjoy a little extra summer sunlight and weekend time is a great boost to morale that can offset the yearning to have the entire summer off.

3. Summer Activities

Just because your employees need to work during the summer doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Team building events scheduled at a beach or park, group lunches outside and other activities that take place outdoors can be opportunities to boost morale, be productive and get your employees that summer sun and fun they’ve been craving.

4. Feedback Sessions

No matter what you try, some employees are bound to envy those who get to enjoy the summer without the boundaries of work. Give them a chance to talk about it. Feedback sessions where you remind employees you appreciate them and that they have a safe space to air some of their grievances, concerns and feelings are a great way to build company culture and keep morale up through the summer.

Provide Year-Round Motivation

While these four tips can help you during the summer, it’s important as a manager to remember that keeping your team’s morale up is critical no matter the season. Always being aware of ways to keep your employees happy and engaged is a sure path to success.

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