5 Maintenance Apps Every Manufacturer Needs in 2023

As a maintenance professional, you know the importance of keeping your machinery and equipment running smoothly. In 2023, technology has made it easier than ever to streamline your maintenance processes and reduce downtime. In this post, we’ll introduce you to five must-have maintenance apps to optimize your workflows, improve efficiency, and boost your bottom line.

Maintenance apps are crucial for success

In today’s advanced technological age, manufacturers leverage digitization and mobility to improve their maintenance approach. Gone are the days of manual checklists and time-consuming paperwork. With the advent of mobile apps, manufacturers can now streamline their maintenance activities and maximize operational efficiency.

Digital apps overcome the limitations of traditional maintenance methods by providing instantaneous access to data to enable real-time tracking of maintenance activities, facilitating collaboration among teams, and optimizing predictive maintenance.

Types of maintenance apps

  • Equipment maintenance apps help owners and operators manage and track the maintenance of their machinery and equipment to ensure they’re in peak condition.
  • Inventory management apps focus on managing the supply chain for businesses to help keep track of orders, sales, and product availability.
  • Predictive maintenance apps use analytics and sensors to predict when equipment might fail and send alerts before it happens.
  • Work order management apps track the progress of work orders and integrate with mobile inspection apps to aid on-site inspections.
  • Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) apps assist with everything from asset management to work order creation.

5 maintenance apps worth exploring

While countless maintenance apps are on the market, some stand above the rest in terms of ease of use, utility, and price. The top apps maintenance professionals use on a daily basis include:

  • MaintainX. This industry-leading, mobile-first workflow management platform is cloud-based for easy access. It provides a full suite of maintenance frameworks and reporting tools to improve overall equipment effectiveness, enhance safety, and reduce downtime.
  • SafetyCulture. SafetyCulture offers complete documentation of maintenance-related tasks to create an indelible record of reliability — all with a continuous improvement mindset.
  • ManWinWin. This app is an all-in-one manufacturing maintenance solution. It unifies the management of equipment, work orders, spare parts, costs, and people to give producers a clear and integrated overview of maintenance ops across the factory.
  • Fiix. Fiix by Rockwell Automation is a premier solution for effective asset management. With its cloud and mobile capabilities, Fiix provides a 360-degree view of costs, schedules, KPIs, and more. With AI-driven insights, businesses can boost their asset performance and drive uptime to new levels.
  • Maxpanda. Designed to bring communication to the forefront of maintenance operations, this app not only enables technicians to communicate with one another, reference materials, and log service but also aggregates data to provide forward-looking insights into better asset management.

Digitization starts at the app level

Manufacturing maintenance apps can help reduce downtime and improve efficiency while providing real-time analytics to integrate with other digital platforms. The result is better data management and decision-making in an era of increased manufacturing digitization. By embracing the power of technology and exploring innovative solutions, manufacturers can elevate their operations and stay ahead of the competition.

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