Where Does Your Organization Rank on the Digital Maturity Index?

As technology continues to shape manufacturing, producers must ask themselves where they stand on embracing digitization. Are you capitalizing on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and automation — or are you still reliant on manual processes where you could be turning to technology?

It’s not always easy to determine how receptive you are to digitization compared to your standards, your peers, or the industry as a whole. Thankfully, the Digital Maturity Index (DMI) can help provide objective insight.

What is the DMI?

The Digital Maturity Index is a framework for assessing a manufacturing organization’s digital capabilities and overall readiness to meet evolving technology challenges. It considers five key components: strategy, infrastructure, data management, automation, and workforce.

Think of the DMI as a SWOT analysis focusing specifically on the adoption and application of digital innovation. Manufacturers measuring themselves against the DMI take stock of how well they’re leveraging digital technology across various areas of operation — and where there’s an untapped opportunity.

Whether organizations are in the middle of assessing current processes, identifying gaps, or planning future digital investments, the DMI can be an invaluable tool. It forms a roadmap for manufacturers as they grow into fully digitized, customer-centric, innovative businesses.

How to assess digital maturity using the DMI

The process of assessing digital maturity using the DMI involves several steps. It starts by gathering comprehensive data from all aspects of the business, including finance, operations, IT, and more. The data typically includes insights about current digital capabilities and any gaps or deficiencies. Organizations can then examine the criteria and metrics used to measure digital maturity.

In every stage of the process, be sure to involve key stakeholders — from executives in the office to operators on the factory floor — for a comprehensive perspective. By following this process, manufacturers can develop a clear picture of their digital maturity levels and make informed decisions to advance their digital transformation journey.

Why use the DMI?

It’s no secret manufacturing is constantly evolving, and producers who don’t embrace the digital era will be left behind. Only by implementing digital technologies in day-to-day operations can manufacturers stay competitive.

Producers have much to gain from adopting a digital-first mindset, and it starts with a DMI evaluation to determine readiness and opportunity. A DMI evaluation helps organizations measure their digital maturity against industry standards so they can identify strengths and weaknesses in their digital strategy.

By using these insights, manufacturers can prioritize investments and optimize operations to reduce the gap between their current digital maturity and industry best practices. In short, the DMI helps businesses stay ahead of the curve — and the competition — while getting them ready for Industry 4.0.

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