From The Bench – What Is The Failure?

When I put a unit on the bench for repair the first thing I want to know is why it’s here? After all, my job at Global Electronic Services is to get your system up and running when you get your unit back. What didn’t work on your end that caused you to remove this “widget” and send it in for service? Unfortunately that information is rarely found. Instead I see tags saying “doesn’t work”, “no good”, “failed”, “pulled off line 7” and so on. While that information may be helpful within your facility it doesn’t provide repair technicians like myself with any kind of value where repair is concerned, especially when that “failed” unit “appears” to work on the bench. And sure, some products are simple and straight forward and there isn’t much to say beyond that. We always catch the obvious! Of course, preventive maintenance is always performed, common failure components get replaced. Yet the OEM’s and array of units to make a production line flow today are more complex, and the more complex the system the more likely it is that a complex unit within that system can “appear” to work outside of that system on the bench, we use test stands to confirm if a unit is working after it works on the bench, it is here that we see that the unit has failures and/or errors.

To help Global help you, always provide a detailed explanation of the problem the first time you send it in. Rather than “it doesn’t work”, tell me after 30 minutes the readings are erratic. Rather than “no good”, write down the power light never turns on. Rather than “failed”, tell your salesperson it seems to work but can’t be calibrated in your system. After you write down “pulled off line 7”, write some more about how the signal output is 2 volts instead of 8 volts. And in the rare event the product doesn’t work when you install it, a detailed explanation of the problem is even more relevant when you return it for warranty! When you get the product back please keep an eye out for any “notes” on your work order. The “note” may very well resolve your problem, provide a clue to figure it out, or be part of the next step in helping Global get your problem resolved under warranty. At Global we understand that the end goal is to get your factory line running again and providing this kind of information is the best help we can get from you to make that happen.

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