What Are the Benefits of Lean Six Sigma Certification?

Lean Six Sigma is the gold standard for training in manufacturing. Becoming a black belt is among the highest industry accomplishments a person can achieve, and it translates to respect and reputation that are unrivaled in every manufacturing sector. But beyond the recognition this rigorous certification brings, it offers numerous tangible benefits. If you’re a career manufacturing professional, it’s wise to consider at least some level of certification.

Lean Six Sigma certification is world class

Lean Six Sigma is a valuable philosophy for professionals across manufacturing. It’s proof of the industry’s most powerful concepts, helping leaders quantify the financial returns on any project while minimizing defects. Lean Six Sigma is tried, true, and continuously proven to yield benefits for producers, which is why so many companies prioritize certification and familiarity with Lean Six Sigma’s methodologies.

Lean Six Sigma is so well regarded that it’s universally recognized, regardless of where in the manufacturing environment a person might work. Certification gives professionals the tools to help drive, support, and lead projects that result in bottom-line improvement and better production results.

Is certification worth it?

While it’s well respected, there also are drawbacks to Lean Six Sigma certification: It’s time-consuming and expensive, and it requires constant emphasis on practicing and maintaining skills. Without having proper resources at their disposal, many professionals who might otherwise seek the upper levels of certification may find them out of reach.

That said, certification is well worth the time and effort. In fact, many of the world’s leading manufacturing companies value Six Sigma skills so much so that they’re willing to pay for factory leaders to pursue certification. They know their investment will translate to cost savings and operational excellence that more than offset the expense.

The benefits of Lean Six Sigma certification

Professionals with any Six Sigma certification are highly valued by manufacturing companies because they’ve shown they understand how to identify, analyze, improve, and control projects. Aside from boosting your own resume, other benefits of Lean Six Sigma certification include improvements in:

  • Analytical thinking: Learning Lean Six Sigma can help you break down complex challenges to identify root causes, resulting in better performance and business practices.
  • Leadership skills: Lean Six Sigma teaches you how to manage your team and understand change management. Certification signals a higher level of social influence, so you can build your leadership capability and increase your influence over your team and your entire business.
  • Problem-solving: Through a structured learning approach, Lean Six Sigma certification programs help you develop problem-solving skills that drive process improvements to tackle everyday problems.

Lean Six Sigma certification is rigorous and time-consuming, but it’s well worth the effort for manufacturing professionals. No matter where you stand in your career, research your options to learn how Lean Six Sigma can enhance your resume and help you add value to any project you encounter.

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