Troubleshooting Allen-Bradley Fault Codes 

Troubleshooting Allen Bradley Fault Codes

Having access to the right information can help you troubleshoot a faulted drive and minimize downtime. If you’re dealing with a faulted Allen-Bradley PowerFlex drive, there are solutions you can implement.

What Is an Allen-Bradley Fault Code?

A fault is a condition that prevents a drive from operating, and a fault code is a piece of information used to diagnose machine malfunctions. Troubleshooting your Allen-Bradley drive begins with a fault code that typically occurs while the system is starting up.

There are two types of fault codes:

  • An auto-reset/run fault: When you are troubleshooting fault codes on your Allen-Bradley drive and see an auto-reset fault code, you can automatically restart the drive by reconfiguring user settings. If you notice the fault code is no longer present after an allotted amount of time, you can attempt a restart on your own. 
  • A non-resettable fault: A non-resettable fault code may warrant a more in-depth analysis or action to remedy your machine. This type of Allen-Bradley fault code is possibly caused by programming or wiring errors. It may require a motor or drive repair. Ultimately, the fault’s cause will have to be remedied before it can be reset and the drive can start. 

Tips for Troubleshooting and Fixing Allen-Bradley Fault Codes

To quickly and efficiently troubleshoot a fault code on an Allen-Bradley, take the following three steps.

1. Find Reference Materials for Your Machine 

To reference Allen-Bradley fault codes and understand their meanings, you must find reference materials for your company’s machine make and model.

You can also view the fault and warning queues on the HIM. To view Allen-Bradley fault codes on the HIM:

  • Press the Escape key until you reach the appropriate Choose Mode level. 
  • Use the Decrement or Increment key to scroll through Choose Mode options. Wait until the Control Status is displayed.
  • Press Enter.
  • Use the Decrement or Increment key to scroll through the Control Status options until the Fault Queue is displayed. 
  • Press Enter.
  • When the View Queue is displayed, press Enter again.

2. Find the Fault Code 

The next step is to find and decode the faults. When a fault occurs, it is displayed until you initiate a Clear Faults command or Drive Reset. While a Clear Faults command only clears out soft and warning faults, a Drive Reset extricates all faults. 

3. Get the Machine Repaired

If your Allen-Bradley fault code cannot be reset, it may indicate that the PowerFlex 4 drive requires repair.

If your machine is inoperable and you need a repair performed quickly, Global Electronic Services can help. Our industry-leading turnaround times will put your business’s Allen-Bradley drive on the fast track to repair and minimize downtime at your facility. We service a wide range of Allen-Bradley drives. 

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Understanding fault codes can facilitate the repair process for your company’s machines. By repairing your systems instead of replacing them, you can perform restorations at a fraction of the cost. Global Electronic Services repairs all types of industrial electronics for over 60,000 of the largest manufacturers around the world. 

If you have tried these troubleshooting tips for fixing an Allen-Bradley fault code to no avail, contact us today with questions and to schedule a repair service.

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