The Benefits of Outsourced CNC Programming

Computer numeric control (CNC) machining is a cornerstone of modern manufacturing. The benefits are obvious: efficiency, repeatability, and lower costs of operation. But to tap into all these benefits, manufacturers need to ensure an accessible means of CNC programming. This means either employing a highly skilled professional to handle CNC programming in-house or outsourcing to someone who can do it on an as-needed basis.

Outsourced CNC programming is a growing industry because it provides a more affordable option for many producers. In lieu of a full-time, on-staff specialist, manufacturers can tap a contract source when it’s needed. How can manufacturers capitalize on the benefits of CNC programming without increasing staff expenses?

Tap a network of CNC programming experts

Finding programmers who can use software to model and map CNC programs isn’t as difficult as it used to be. But finding someone with these abilities to work in-house remains a challenge. There’s unprecedented demand, and hiring on a contract basis is often more efficient and affordable than hiring full-time. Outsourcing CNC programming work makes it possible to tap into a network of programmers with expertise in specific industries or component types.

Programmers who specialize in a specific field have experience dealing with a variety of CNC machining scenarios and methods. They can use this knowledge to improve factory functions, design better problem-solving solutions, and resolve various issues. Outsourced CNC programmers can also leverage their skills and experience to optimize cutting tools, improve cutting techniques, and increase capacity.

Outsourcing CNC programming saves money

Outsourcing CNC programming is cheaper than hiring an in-house programmer. CNC machining is a rapidly growing industry — resulting in an influx of expert CNC programmers all around the world. Unlike some services, language barriers and cultural gaps aren’t typically an issue with CNC programming.

When outsourcing, manufacturers can easily find CNC programmers capable of handling even the largest and most complex projects. And thanks to global competition, it’s easy to find competitive rates on high-quality CNC programming services.

Less hassle than hiring in-house

Hiring a new employee involves sifting through hundreds of résumés, scheduling interviews, and setting aside time for onboarding and training. Since CNC programming is one of the more in-demand jobs these days, it’s also much harder to fill an open position. Outsourcing CNC programming is easier than hiring in-house and increases the chances of finding a programmer with the right skill set.

Outsourced CNC programmers handle work on an as-needed basis — which negates the need to pay insurance, benefits, and other costs associated with hiring a full-time employee. Contracting programmers is a more cost-efficient strategy — especially if your CNC operations aren’t a core part of shop operations.

Enjoy all the benefits of CNC programming

Manufacturing companies invest in CNC machinery because they know it’ll benefit operations, and more and more are realizing they don’t need to hire in-house CNC programmers to get the most from their investment. What they need is a contract partner to handle the programming and an operator who knows how to execute it. For a combination that realizes the full value of the asset — without diminishing its cost benefits — outsourcing CNC programming is an ideal solution.

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