Everyone is or has been part of a team at some point in time. It could be at your place of work, a sports team, community fundraiser, or club of some kind. The individuals on those teams had one common goal they were trying to accomplish together – to win.

Teamwork is something I have always thought I understood. But think back to the days when you would pick teams for a game. The best kids always got picked first. The thought process – if I pick the best people, it won’t matter who else I have, I will always win. However, working with many teams in the past 25 years I have come to realize that it’s not about the best person on your team it’s about every person on your team. Your team’s success is dependent on what each member can bring to the table. Your team is only as strong as its weakest player.


  • is very reliable and consistent – the most skilled team member isn’t very useful if they are frequently tardy or absent
  • works well with everyone else on the team – those who bring drama are harmful to the overall team atmosphere
  • can build great rapport – a good team member can not only carry great skills but must be able to speak well with others
  • who contributes new ideas to the team – the most useful team member is always brainstorming
  • who has proven successful past strategies – it’s always great to have a team member that has a way they know works
  • brings new ways to be more efficient and streamline processes – someone who can exercise time saving is invaluable
  • cares about the end goal – a team member who is focused on the end of the day rather than when the goal is accomplished is far less useful than one who cares about the end result
  • is open to new ideas – a great team member is always willing to try another way
  • communicates well with everyone – one can have the greatest ideas, but without the ability to properly deliver them can wreak havoc in a team
  • has a positive attitude – negativity is the plague of a team
  • makes the task at hand enjoyable – a great team member keeps what they are doing professional and fun
  • will do what is needed to get the job done – the members must be willing to do whatever needs to be done, even if it’s over and above their own responsibilities

Each person’s strengths come in many forms, and each person will have a different perspective on how to reach the goal. But with great communication, a positive attitude and a team who cares any goal can be accomplished.

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