Six In-Demand Manufacturing Leadership Positions for 2022

Good leadership is a cornerstone of business success, and it goes beyond the C-suite. In manufacturing, there’s strong demand for upper echelon leaders who can understand and incorporate the technical nuances of their business unit and the overarching company mission. As we enter a new era of domestic manufacturing, companies have an opportunity to examine their leadership needs for future growth and success. Many will be surprised to identify gaps in their leadership team. Six leadership positions will be in high demand for 2022 and beyond.

1. Plant Operations Managers

Plant operations managers have a variety of duties and responsibilities in a factory setting. It’s their job to develop and manage production schedules to meet efficiency goals. Other responsibilities include equipment support, training team members, participating in involvement meetings, and preparing purchasing strategies. Plant operations managers monitor all activity involved in daily factory operation.

2. Supply Chain Executives

Of the many roles involved in supply chain management, top-level leadership — including supply chain directors, executives, and managers — are among the most important in the modern manufacturing era. These executive-level leaders are responsible for orchestrating the supply chain, analyzing all associated costs, mitigating risk, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

3. Director of Safety

The Director of Safety holds one of the most important positions in a factory setting. They’re charged with ensuring the plant runs as safely as it does efficiently. They create action plans and safe processes in compliance with OSHA and other workplace safety standards. Safety executives are also charged with ensuring the factory meets safety compliance standards. With lingering COVID-19 concerns, this position will continue to be among the most in-demand in the coming years.

4. Quality Assurance Executives

It’s the job of a Quality Assurance Executive to make sure all a company’s products meet quality standards. They oversee the production process, routinely check products for defects, test products, and take note of any product or production problems. Quality Assurance Executives also contribute to the design and implementation of quality control programs to ensure products contain no defects that could create downstream liabilities.

5. Production Director

Production Directors are responsible for ensuring the production of a high-quality final product. They do so by overseeing the entire production process and working with employees to institute processes that meet management’s production goals. Since production managers usually supervise a full line of employees, they often work with leaders from other departments. The Production Director is responsible for efficient and effective interdepartmental communication and planning, and ss efficiency becomes even more important to manufacturing, they  , will see an equivalent increase in coordination responsibility.

6. Director of Warehouse Operations

The Director of Warehouse Operations supervises every aspect of the distribution process, including dispatching and storing products. They keep the warehouse running efficiently by developing drop-off schedules, managing warehouse employees, and predicting product volume. As warehousing becomes more strategic in the wake of rising prices and supply chain disruption, good warehouse and distribution leadership will be invaluable.

Now is the time to start vetting these professionals. As more companies recognize the need for experienced and knowledgeable leadership, the talent pool will continue to shrink. And for an industry that’s already strapped for talent, it’s essential to field exceptional leadership fast.

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