Saving Energy in Your Plant this Summer

Hot summer months are just around the corner, which means more energy will be needed to keep facilities (and employees) cool as well as keep machinery from overheating. If you don’t build increased energy consumption into your budgets, the hottest months of the year can seriously affect finances. There are many manufacturing processes which can’t use less energy, but a few simple tips and tricks can help you cut energy costs without affecting production schedules.

  • Automate production during off-peak hours – Many fuels are more expensive to consume during peak consumption hours of the day. Through automating some manufacturing processes for off-peak hours on the National Grid, electricity costs less and downtime is limited, reducing energy consumption overall.
  •  Repair inefficient motors – A motor that isn’t performing at peak capacity takes more energy to run. Take time to audit all machinery and look for worn-out parts or equipment that starts taking a bit too long to complete its task. Variable speed motors are a good option, as most facilities don’t have consistent use throughout the day.
  •  Section off parts of your HVAC system – Most HVAC systems can use up more than a quarter of regular energy, making them a prime area to optimize for energy efficiency. Consider sectioning off parts of your HVAC system to not cool areas of the factory that aren’t regularly used. Recovery ventilation is also a great option as you can stockpile waste energy and reuse it.
  •  Limit artificial lighting – Not only does natural lighting reduce the need for overhead lights that consume energy, but it reduces the chance of employees straining their eyes or getting headaches from fluorescent lighting. Large, energy-efficient windows in key locations around the building are a great way to bring in sunlight and even let in cool air when the temperature warrants it.

Just a few small changes to your daily workflow can help cut down on energy consumption, leading to cost savings and happier employees. What are some ways your facility cuts down on energy costs during the hotter parts of the year? Share your money-saving tips with us in the comments below!

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