Industrial Electronic Shields and Covers

Most electronics have sensitive components that must be protected from debris. Electronics that get wet or dirty may malfunction, resulting in the need for a costly repair or replacement. Compromised devices may also be dangerous since they can cause electrical shock. Industrial electronic shields and covers keep electrical devices in their best condition to perform reliably and protect workers from any harm.

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What Are Electronic Covers and Shields?

Covers and shields for electronics are durable covers that go over electronics to protect against:

  • -,Accidental shock or injury from human contact.
  • – Water or winter weather elements like snow and sleet.
  • – Dirt, dust and other debris.
  • – Oil and coolants.
  • – Explosions.


These covers are usually made from metals like aluminum, stainless steel or rigid plastic.

Electronic Shield and Cover Applications

Industrial electronic shields and covers can be used on electronics such as transfer switches, manual switches, load terminals and line terminals. Most of these covers have a simple installation process, requiring only a few screws. Industrial settings like factories, retail stores and offices need industrial electronic shields and covers to protect their electrical equipment from damage and their workers from accidental contact.

Common Problems and Questions With Industrial Electronic Shields and Covers

Many factory managers want to know the purpose and value of the ratings many shields and covers for industrial electronics have. These ratings are from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). NEMA creates safety standards for electrical equipment manufacturing. These standards extend to shields and covers, defining the type of environment they can be used in based on their ability to handle certain conditions.

Most of the industrial electronic shields and covers at Global Electronic Services have one of these ratings:

  • NEMA 4: NEMA 4 covers are made for indoor and outdoor environments, offering protection against rain, sleet, ice, dirt and dust. These covers are made to keep out water ingress and hose-directed water, so it’s easy to clean the enclosure as needed.
  • NEMA 5: NEMA 5 covers protect electronics and electrical devices from dirt, dust, debris and water. They’re often made with impact-resistant polycarbonate to resist physical damage. NEMA 5 shields are made for indoor environments only.


Why Order Shields and Covers for Electronics From Global Electronic Services?

If you need a protective cover for your terminals or switches, Global Electronic Services has you covered. We sell new, used and refurbished servo motors, AC motors, pneumatics, DC motors, hydraulics and other industrial electronics from more than 60,000 trusted manufacturers.

If your industrial electronics need repairs, we can help with that as well. Our factory-trained and certified technicians will service and return your device within one to five days.

Order Shields and Covers From Global Electronic Services Today

Global Electronic Services has industrial electronic shields and covers for your switches, terminals and other electronics. Browse our options on this page to find a cover compatible with your electronics. If you have any questions about our shields and covers, contact our customer support team at 877-249-1701.

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