Power Modules

A power module, which is also referred to as a power electronic module, contains multiple power components to perform a power conversion function.

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What Are Power Supply Modules?

Power supply modules use a reduced number of external components when undergoing power conversion. While traditional discrete POL designs have been more common and popular in the past, many are starting to realize the benefits of using power modules.

The power components in a power module are mainly semiconductor devices, which are all internally interconnected. These semiconductor devices work together to create the power conversion function.

Power supply modules are most commonly classified by their diode. So, you might find power supply modules classified as either a Standard, Fast Recovery or Standard Hybrid SCR.

Uses for Power Modules

Power modules have a wide range of applications. They can help simplify the design of a power converter and cut down on design effort. They are also very reliable and work well when dealing with size constraints. Power modules can help lower costs as well, especially with systems that have 10 or more power rails.

In addition to providing power, these modules also work to cool the device.

Because they are durable and long-lasting, power modules work well in many different systems such as:

  • – Medical electronics
  • – Appliances
  • – HVAC controls
  • – Three-phase inverters
  • – UPS systems
  • – Motor starters


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