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Motor starters are essential for maintaining the health of your motor and allowing it to run smoothly for years to come. At Global Electronic Services, we carry dozens of Allen-Bradley motor starters and offer ongoing repair services for all models we sell. Find the right motor starter for your electronics at Global Electronic Services. 

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What Is a Motor Starter? 

Motor starters are electrical devices that ensure a motor starts and stops safely. In addition to turning a power source on and off, motor starters are responsible for protecting motors from low voltages and overcurrents and reversing their direction. 

Motor starters have two main components – a contactor and an overload relay. The motor starter’s contactor is responsible for turning the power to a circuit on or off, while the overload relay prevents motors from overheating and becoming burnt out. Used in conjunction, they keep your motor safe. 

All motor starters are classified into two types – manual starters and magnetic starters. Manual starters do not require any experience to operate and use a push-button to turn on the motor. While manual starters have overload protection, they lack low voltage protection (LVP) and are best used with low-power motors. Magnetic starters are more common and used to turn on high-power AC motors. Their electromagnetic system consists of a power circuit and a control circuit to control the motor. 

There are several types of motor starters, including: 

  • – Autotransformer starters
  • – Direct online starter
  • – Roto resistance or slip ring motor starters
  • – Soft starters
  • – Star delta starters
  • – Direct online starter (DOL)
  • – Variable frequency drives (VFD)

Benefits of Using a Motor Starter

All motors should use a starter to increase workplace safety and preserve the integrity of their operation for years to come. Some of the greatest benefits of using a motor starter include the following: 

  • Minimize damage: Motor starters prevent motor damage and keep them running smoothly for years to come by reducing overall wear upon motor startup. Motor starters specifically help prevent damage to your equipment’s communicator and brushes, which are difficult components to replace. This protective measure can lower the overall service requirements of your equipment and motor and keep it in good working condition for longer. 
  • Overload protection: One of the main benefits of using a motor starter is how they provide overload protection. A motor starter’s overload protection circuit prevents electrical damage to the motor during sudden power surges and power outages alike. 
  • Increase workplace safety: Motor starters improve workplace safety by reducing the risk associated with starting equipment and ensuring the electricity that flows through it is steady and predictable. 

Motor Starters From Global Electronic Services

At Global Electronic Services, we sell dozens of Allen-Bradley motor starters so you can find the right model for your electronics. All of our models come with an 18-month in-service warranty, and our team has the skills and experience necessary to repair and service all models of motor starters from virtually any manufacturer. Contact our team for a quote or to request help finding the right motor starter model for your needs.

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