Magnetic Motor Starters

Magnetic starters provide a safe and reliable method for starting electric motors with large loads while protecting parts in the event of power loss. With a trusted magnetic motor starter repair provider, your company can keep its devices in optimal condition. 

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What Are Magnetic Motor Starters?

Motor starters are devices that start and stop electric motors while providing overload protection to the circuits. Magnetic motor starters use electromagnetically operated contactors, which direct the attached motor load using a control circuit. They also contain overload relays that open the control voltage to the starter coil when motor overload is detected.

Benefits of Magnetic Starters

While motor starters are not required for all types of motors, they deliver many benefits to companies that use them, including:

  • Safety: Magnetic starters ensure motor safety by minimizing the consequences of motor overloads via cutting off all electric current contacts. 
  • Damage prevention: When magnetic motor starters control motor starts and stops, they prevent equipment and appliance damage by maintaining electricity levels. 
  • Overload protection: Motor starters use overload relays to protect the motor, branch circuit and components from excess heat in the event of overload conditions.

Common Problems With Magnetic Motor Starters

If you’re experiencing issues with your magnetic motor starter, there may be various complications that have taken place. Luckily, these common problems usually have relatively simple fixes:

  • The motor is humming but the compressor won’t run: This may mean there is a blown fuse in the main panel of the three-phase system. Try replacing the fuse to fix the problem.
  • The compressor runs and then stops: If your compressor runs and then stops, the overload may be incorrectly adjusted or the compressor could be under excess load. In these cases, you can readjust the screw to a higher number or check the compressor and tank valves for carbon buildup. 

If your motor isn’t humming and the compressor won’t kick on, there may be various reasons behind it. Chances are, one of three things is occurring:

  • If the coil is clicking: Either the motor is burned out or the power leads are disconnected from the motor. Try checking the wiring and reconnecting the leads, or look into replacing your motor.
  • If the coil is chattering: Chattering coils may indicate that the voltage traveling to the coil is too low. This issue may mean your compressor wire is too small or that you have too many devices running off the same line. A chattering coil may also indicate a loose or faulty shading coil that requires replacement. 
  • If the coil does not click: This could have various explanations, such as a blown fuse, defective starter or tripped overload. You can replace the fuse or starter assembly or hit the reset button on the panel. The issue could also be that the pressure switch contacts or the low oil level switch are open. Try freeing up or replacing the pressure switch, checking your oil levels or replacing the oil level switch.

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If you’re looking for magnetic starter repair services from a reliable provider, Global Electronic Services is your solution. All of our services come with an 18-month warranty and standard repair times between one and five days, giving you the fastest turnaround possible.

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