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In the past, definite purpose (DP) contactors were primarily used by companies that were a part of the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) industry. Over the years, these tools have grown in popularity and now serve numerous markets. If your company uses equipment that heats, refrigerates, cools or moves air, you could benefit from a DP contactor.

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What Are Definite Purpose AC Contactors?

Definite purpose contactors are electrically operated switching devices that direct a device’s electrical current through a network of coils, springs, armatures and contacts. These specialized contactors are typically controlled by automatic or manual interfaces and used to switch power or control circuits in HVACR systems.

There are two main types of AC contactors — compact one- and two-pole contactors and standard frame contactors. Compact DP contactors are commonly used for unitary central air conditioning units in residential locations. On the other hand, standard frame contactors are used for air conditioning units in commercial and industrial settings, such as hospitals, office buildings, hotels and plants.

Uses for DP Contactors

Definite purpose contactors are suitable for low duty cycle applications that require low-cost switching of single- and three-phase compact loads, such as resistive heating loads and small motors. They are most commonly used in commercial, industrial and residential HVACR applications, including refrigeration, air conditioning and resistance heating applications. However, they are also used for:

  • – Elevators.
  • – Pools.
  • – Pumps and compressors.
  • – Food processing.
  • – Lighting.
  • – Printing presses.
  • – Battery chargers.
  • – Cranes.
  • – Vending machines.
  • – Agriculture.

What’s the Difference Between DP and Lighting Contactors?

It’s a common misconception that DP contactors and lighting contactors are the same things — or companies are simply unaware of the differences between them.

The main difference is in the contacts. Definite purpose contactors have general-duty contacts rated for resistance loads and motors but typically only carry incandescent lighting ratings. The contacts for lighting contactors are designed for inrush currents regarding fluorescent, tungsten, high-intensity discharge (HID) ballasts and lamps.

Both contactors are also rated for different inrush currents. Definite purpose contactors are generally rated for inrush currents of six times the full load while lighting contactors are rated for up to 12. Lighting inrush usually lasts longer than general-duty contact currents.

Benefits of Definite Purpose AC Contactors

When you purchase a definite purpose contactor for your business, you can experience these main benefits:

  • Cost-effective: DP contactors are typically cheaper than general-purpose contactors, proving to be a more cost-effective solution.
  • Reliable: AC contactors are dependable, high-performance heating and cooling sources that companies can trust
  • Versatile: These contactors are optimized for a wide array of industries, from HVACR to food processing and agriculture.

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