Preparing Your Industrial Electronics For The Summer Heat

It is now May and before we know it the headlines will be filled with heat wave warnings. Bring your pets inside, keep your kids hydrated, wear sunblock, stay out of the sun – all good advice. Just as the heat can be dangerous to us humans, it is also dangerous to machinery and electronics as well. During the summer months we see a significant uptick in the number of repairs coming into the service center. This is because the number one killer of any electronic device is thermally induced failure. Here we will go over some simple ways that you can prepare for any upcoming summer scorcher.

Are the fans running?

Inspect and determine that all cooling fans are running in your systems. This point seems simple but surprisingly it is often overlooked. Most electronic devices have a built-in cooling system to prevent heat related damage from occurring. While a lot of modern devices have safeguards and faults to warn you of a potential fan failure, many more do not. In addition to this when they are manufactured, builders sometimes underestimate the importance of having s quality fan installed and will install the cheapest possible ones to save on cost. Run an inspection of all your machines specifically to target any fans, or blowers that may have prematurely failed and get them replaced in a hurry.

Clean, clean and clean some more!

One factor that can make a cooling issue so much worse is the presence of dirt and grime. Contaminants such as this act as an insulator that both absorbs heat and blocks proper air flow through the system. Even a small layer of dust can act as a barrier between a heat source – such as a semiconductor chip or processor- and an exit to where this heat can be diffused. Have your electronics inspected and thoroughly cleaned regularly – especially before the summer months hit.

Keep temperature regular!

While it is important to keep things cool, it is equally important not to have big shift in temperature from one extreme to the other. When the ambient temperature goes from very cold and then suddenly hot you create a dangerous condition due to condensation. Water droplets will form on every surface which will contribute to corrosion related failures. So keep your temperatures even. It may even be necessary to run the heat during the night to keep things regular. This tip is especially useful if you live in an area where the nights are very cold, but the days are hot – such as certain parts of the southwestern United States.

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