Impacts of the Made in America Manufacturing Communities Act

Now that the bill has passed the Senate, a bipartisan version is heading to the House for consideration.

Benefits for Designated Regions

Being a “Manufacturing Community” allows individual cities or regions access to funding and renewed energy and support for their manufacturing efforts. As Gillibrand explains when touting the benefits of the bill, “Not only does that unleash more federal dollars, but it also creates synergies to encourage other manufacturers to locate there and that would create jobs locally.”

Creating hubs for manufacturing helps to ensure that efforts are aligned and provides added security for the community. As multiple manufacturers move into an area, educational and logistical opportunities open up as well, providing an avenue for training and incentives for residential growth in the area.

Broader Benefits for the U.S.

While the most immediate benefits are obviously going to the cities receiving the designation and the development funds, this legislation has the potential for much broader impacts. Because it is a federal program, areas all over the country could receive a manufacturing boost, creating a network of regions focused on growth.

Garry Douglas is Chamber of Commerce President for Plattsburgh North Country, one of the regions hoping to receive the designation. Douglas explains that an influx of funding to support manufacturing efforts has broader implications. It can lead to funding for technology-based workforce development and transportation solutions in order to adequately support the growing manufacturing base.

Overall, this legislation aims to provide a boost both to individual cities and regions and to the country as a whole, signaling a meaningful commitment to the future of American manufacturing.

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