How to Identify a Qualified Manufacturing Employee

If you run a manufacturing business, you rely on the quality of your employees for your success. Even if your factory is heavily automated, human error can quickly sink your company, while efficient employees can improve productivity and greatly increase your chances of success. But how do you find qualified manufacturing employees? Here are some methods to consider.

Search for Employees in Online Forums

An interesting new method of finding qualified manufacturing employees some companies use is online forums. The company may set up a forum with topics and pose various questions related to your industry, and then see the responses.

People with industry knowledge will often respond simply to be part of the discussion, rather than because they are actively seeking employment, so you can get some unfiltered, candid responses. You can then reach out to the participants who show the most promise and see if they are interested in coming in for an interview.

Reach Out for Employees Through Education

Early manufacturing jobs may have only required that an individual be good at working with their hands, but today’s advanced technology means many manufacturing jobs require a specialized level of knowledge. Keep an eye out for any certifications or educational honors a potential employee has earned, as this could be a good indicator of their usefulness to the company.

You can even try to form an alliance with a local educational institution where they teach some of the skills you require and then funnel potential employees to your organization when they have completed the courses in question.

Use Social Networks to Find Manufacturing Job Candidates

While some people consider social networks a necessary evil, they actually have their uses. They can be quite useful in the search for qualified employees. A vast number of companies at least include LinkedIn as part of their employee search. Much of the information you might solicit during an initial interview, including work experience, goals and even recommendations from peers and former supervisors, is right there for you to peruse.

In the end, there is no substitute for sitting down face-to-face with a potential employee and doing an assessment based on your experience in the field. But taking advantage of the modern tools available to you can improve your chances of quickly filling your manufacturing job openings with qualified staff.

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