Grand Opening Coming Soon – New Repair Facility in the DFW Area


Global Electronic Services Inc. is happy to announce the opening of our newest repair facility in Euless, TX with a scheduled grand opening date of December 4th, 2017! This repair facility will be conveniently located just 15 minutes away from DFW airport and just 30 minutes west of downtown Dallas. We are excited to expand into this region, supporting both our customer’s needs as well as adding to our continued company growth. So what drove our choice to bring open another repair facility in this area? Well it’s not just all the fantastic barbeque!

Renewable Energy Needs

It is no big secret that Texas is an energy state and when it comes to renewable energy – well pardon the cliché- everything is bigger in Texas. The state generates more renewable energy than in any other, with the majority of it coming from wind. With this growth comes the demand for fast reliable repairs of industrial equipment to keep both the support facilities and the turbine generators running. In this industry, downtime is as costly as it can be and as such we have seen good success keeping these customers up and running.

Supporting the West Coast

Some may be shocked to find out that a company on the east coast has such a strong presence on the west coast, but it is true! Throughout the years we have always been a strong repair partner for customers in the western region. The reason for this is simple – the need for reliable, cost efficient repairs with a quick turnaround does not change depending on time zone. It is always in demand. While the service remains the same, the shipping costs are indeed higher. Our west coast customers will notice the cost savings in shipping to this new repair facility location.

Growth in Texas and Cost Savings

Manufacturing in Texas hasn’t slowed down and has in fact, reached a three year high. The 2017 Texas Business Cycle Index (a measure of economic activity in the state) reported a growth rate of 5.4 percent at a quarterly annualized rate. As manufacturing growth increases in the state we are seeing more demands for things such as same day rush service, on-site technicians, and free pick-up and delivery. Having a facility that is centralized to Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas will add to the services we are already providing. To aid our customers with logistics we will also be employing multiple drivers in each direction to assist customers with FREE pickup and delivery service which will also save money and downtime.

Whether it is convenient repair service, quicker lead times or simply having a trusted partner for your industrial repair needs closer to home, we are very pleased open up this new repair facility location. Stay tuned, we will post pictures of the new facility and a video tour very soon!

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