How to Get Involved on Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day 2018 will be here before you know it — and if you’re in the manufacturing field, Manufacturing Day is a great opportunity to inspire a new generation of manufacturers that is sorely needed in today’s society. There are woefully few efforts to get the younger generation excited about manufacturing today, so when an opportunity like Manufacturing Day comes along, we should all take advantage.

What Is Manufacturing Day?

Manufacturing Day is the first Friday in October — October 5th in 2018 — and it is an opportunity for companies and communities all over the country to boost awareness of manufacturing by hosting public or invitational events in their area.

How Can My Company Get Involved in Manufacturing Day?

All you have to do is plan an event and register it with It doesn’t have to be exactly on October 5th if that is not convenient for your organization. Any time in October can be presented for a Manufacturing Day Event as long as you register it with MFGday.

How Do I Plan an Event?

First, come up with an idea for your event. This can really be anything that highlights all the great features or history of manufacturing, but the most common event manufacturers plan is a tour of their manufacturing plant. It’s a relatively easy event to plan and can be quite inspirational and informative. You can announce the tour at a given time on the 5th and walk all the guests through all the different stages of your manufacturing process.

To make it easier, offers an event planning kit that you can download. This kit offers tips from event planning professionals that can help you organize your event. It has ideas on how to advertise it, how to script your event to make sure participants are excited and the process goes along smoothly, and a checklist of important action items.

Once you have an idea of what your event is going to look like, you will want to register it with MFGday. This is an easy procedure. Just create a Host Account and then go to the Event Management tab on your dashboard to add your event. Once you click “Add Event,” you’ll be taken through a very simple event registration process that will allow people to easily register for your event and get information about it.

Once your event is registered, it will appear on the MFG Day map as an official manufacturer event, with all the information people need about your event visible on the page to help you promote it.

Benefits of a Manufacturing Day Event

If you’ve never done a Manufacturing Day event before, don’t be surprised if you find it a very rewarding experience. It’s a great opportunity to generate publicity for your company while you potentially create the talent pool of the next generation of manufacturers which you will be drawing from.

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