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Fanuc AC Servo Spindle Series AL Repair Service, Testing, Replacement Parts Sales

Looking for a Fanuc Repair Service and Replacement Parts Supply Partner?
Fanuc AC Servo Spindle Series AL failed or not working? Troubleshoot and Repair…we fully load test all our work.
Are you looking for Fanuc AC Servo Spindle Series AL repair service, parts or replacements equipment? We can help. Our customers receive FAST Fanuc AC Servo Spindle Series AL Repair turnaround with RUSH Service available. Your repair, surplus or reconditioned unit receives full-load and function testing by factory-trained technicians… All with an 18-month in-service Warranty on AC Servo Spindle Series AL troubleshooting, repair and testing service.

Troubleshooting and maintenance of your Servo Spindle Motor is critical to integrating machinery in manufacturing, especially in the CNC Machine applications. Electric spindle motors are capable of changing the phase sequence of the input current to change the direction of rotation. Reliable and accurate starting and stopping of the electric motor increases safety for the operator.

Electric spindle windings are 120 degrees different from each other, while the magnetic field rotates at a constant speed in any given direction. This means magnetic forces stay constant. Servo motors feature stable speed, low noise, low torque and are known for high speeds rotating beyond 1Ok RPMs per minute. Servo motors are relatively small. This allows them to be lightweight, have low vibration and reduced energy consumption.

AC Servo Spindle Series AL

What You Should Know About Repairing, Replacing and Troubleshooting

–> High-speed motor with a rotational speed of more than 10,000 rpm/min. Small size, lightweight, low material consumption, low noise, low vibration
–> Large torque, low noise, stable speed, high frequency, speed regulation with small no-load current, slow heating, fast heat dissipation
–> Windings of the high-speed electric spindle motor are 120 degree different from each other while magnetic field rotates at a constant speed in a certain direction
–> Magnetic field speed is the synchronous speed of electric spindle. Changing phase sequence of input current of motorized spindle can change the rotation direction of motorized spindle.
–> New electric spindles integrate machine tool spindle and the spindle motor in the field of CNC machine tools

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    Looking for a Fanuc Repair Service and Replacement Parts Supply Partner?
    When you Need it Now, we stock 1,000’s of Fanuc replacement parts, new and surplus industrial AC Servo Spindle Series AL. Trusted services include PCBs, Servo Motors, Hydraulic & Pneumatics, AC and DC Motors, Drives, PLCs and Power Supplies. Have a machine down or an emergency blow-up? Save Time and Money with an established Fanuc AC Servo Spindle Series AL repair, troubleshooting and testing service partner. We’ll help get you back online.

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