Technology Is Changing Customer Service Demands in Manufacturing Machine Repair

A machine breaking down on the line can send shockwaves throughout your entire manufacturing facility. When you pick up the phone to contact your repair provider, you need confidence that the person on the other end of the line will respond with the same urgency you feel and bring the competency you need to the job. In today’s just-in-time world, uptime is perhaps your most important factor, making the demands you place on outstanding customer service from your repair provider higher than ever. But what else is behind changes in service expectations?

The changing nature of customer service

Automation is increasing in customer service, and companies are finding that some methods of automation are better than others. Where some have relied heavily on phone trees and fill-in-the-blank online contact forms in the past, the slow service pace inherent in such methods can leave an unsatisfying taste in customers’ mouths.

Many companies are now pushing toward more human interaction, whether by hiring more people to answer phones or live agents to interact with customers right from their websites. This type of automation takes place behind the scenes as repair providers route technicians for on-site services and send replacement parts to the right locations quickly. This gives customers a more human experience while still making repairs and part replacements happen more quickly than ever before.

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Reasons for the shift in demand

Another way in which customer service is changing is through instant information availability. Great customer service experiences can spread rapidly — as can horror stories. While no company perfectly satisfies every customer every time, a slew of either positive or negative stories can paint a vivid online picture. This possibility gives companies the incentive to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. In fact, manufacturing repair companies are working harder than ever to increase their customer service in response to this trend.

Benefits of working with dedicated professionals

Speed and efficiency are services customers demand from any manufacturing repair company. However, getting the problem fixed right the first time — often on the same day a machine goes down — is something only a truly professional company dedicated to your satisfaction can offer. It does you no good to have a technician repair a single symptom of a greater problem … only to have to come back again later because he or she did not solve the root problem on the initial visit. The same is true for a repair company that sends the wrong part, prolonging downtime. Working with one company that provides a total solution customized to your situation, rather than a boilerplate solution personnel apply to every problem, is the key to total customer satisfaction.

As today’s customer service demands change in response to greater access to information, the true professionals at Global Electronic Services are ready to meet and exceed your expectations.

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