Manufacturing Cost Savings

Do you want reliable equipment with the most cost savings?  Of course, every maintenance supervisor, plant manager, distributor and purchasing agent has one end goal. To provide cost savings and reliable solutions to keep their facility or the customer they support running and producing as efficiently as possible.

When a piece of equipment breaks or fails there are two options:

1.  Replace with New

New can be costly, have lengthy lead times and much to the dismay of the responsible party, may be require hiring engineers or OEM software specialists.   These engineers and specialists are often needed to configure and program for functionality of this new equipment.   Alterations and adjustments to other parts for the production line, may be needed as well when installing new upgraded equipment. When replacing with new equipment, everything has to be taken into consideration.  To get a down production line back up and running, lead time is paramount.   My customers have come to me, countless times, expressing concern that their new equipment has a lead time of 6 weeks and sometimes even upwards of 3 months! This lead time is unacceptable when your down and we take on the responsibility to provide more immediate solutions.

2.  Repair

The cost to repair peaks right around half the price of new across the industry, and can often be done the same day or within 24 – 48 hours. Global Electronic Services guarantees to beat any competitor’s price by at least 10% and does not charge for the added rush and we even stock millions of common failure components. Beyond pricing, our technicians strive to keep programing and parameters intact, allowing our customers ease at reinstallation. While we make a valiant effort on every repair to keep reinstallation as simple as possible, we have technicians on call 24/7 to help if problems arise. Occasionally, units may have to be reprogrammed if the failure was catastrophic on the main logic board, but because we repair down to a component level, this is not typical. Having a reliable working unit is of the utmost importance. Because we house thousands of custom engineered test stands to fully load and function test our repairs, maintenance supervisors can have complete confidence that their repaired equipment, (whether it’s the only one they have or if it is a spare going on their shelf for back up), are fully functional and ready to save the day! Often times our fast turnaround time is the biggest savings in a down situation.

Why is cost savings so important? Everyone is looking to purchase a product that is of high quality at the lowest price.  Manufacturers have to stay efficient and save money in every aspect in order to produce at a lower cost and provide lower prices to their customers. Every market has to stay competitive, lowest price and fastest turnaround always wins.  I remind my customers of the value of our warranty as well.  How does it relate to cost?  Let me explain: our warranty is 18 months in-service.   That means the warranty does not start, until the unit is installed into to the machine.  Many other repair facilities and OEM’s warranties start from the date of invoice.   So if a maintenance supervisor is having a spare unit repaired and they are returning that product to a shelf, it could sit there for months or even years.  Capacitors can drain over time, other components can weaken as well.  We don’t feel it is fair to charge for a repair again simply because the unit has been stored on a shelf.  Because we refurbish your entire unit, we cover all these components under our warranty. There isn’t any fine print.

In short, repairing equipment is always a cost savings over buying a new or upgraded replacement piece. Why wouldn’t you choose repair when you can see the cost savings, get the same or better warranty, have  confidence in the quality and know that you’ll get the fastest turnaround available?

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