Synchronous Servo Repair Service

Do you need quality synchronous servo motor repair? If you’re using synchronous servo motors in your industrial applications, it is crucial that you have a plan for what to do if one or more of them goes down. If you’re not sure if a synchronous servo repair service such as Global Electronic Services may be right for you, read on.

What Are Synchronous Servo Motors, and What Are Their Features?

A synchronous servo motor is one of the most commonly used types of AC motors, one in which the shaft rotation is synchronized with the supply current frequency. The stator of the motor has multiphase electromagnets, and the rotor turns in step with the stator magnetic field at the same rate. The result is excellent power density with minimal mass inertia and detent torque. Features of a good synchronous servo motor include:

  • Easy installation
  • Fully encapsulated stator
  • Low inertia
  • High power density
  • Dynamic performance
  • Speed independent of load
  • Great for applications requiring precision and accuracy
  • Runs smoothly even in challenging conditions

Our Synchronous Servo Repair Process

At Global Electronic Services, we are known for our standardized, step-by-step testing and repair processes. We have put these processes into place to guarantee a fast and accurate repair. For synchronous servo motor repair, we have a 13-Step Service Process:

  1. Visual inspection to look for known and other concerns.
  2. Rotation of shaft and megging the motor to prepare it for proper checking.
  3. Checking alignment and feedback with Mitchell Electronics testing system, a proven leader in proper diagnosis.
  4. Performing KE test to check function of feedback. Elements we test include resolver angles, encoder count and tach voltages.
  5. Servo motor is disassembled, cleaned and baked to determine the operational status of each part.
  6. We perform surge and hipot test for a component check.
  7. We perform any necessary machine work and repairs needed to bring individual elements back up to OEM standards.
  8. We install new bearings and seals, so you don’t have to worry about wear or failures.
  9. The repaired motor is reassembled, bench-tested and aligned to ensure we return everything in like-new condition and ready to go right back into regular operation.
  10. Retest with Mitchell Electronics.
  11. Paint station.
  12. Quality control checked and audited, so you know we’re returning a leading part that is fully functional.
  13. Ship back to you, and you are provided with tracking details and more.

Why Choose Global Electronic Services for Your Synchronous Servo Motor Repair?

When you choose Global Electronic Services, you know your motor will be rigorously checked and tested by highly-trained experts in the field to make sure all problems are resolved, and you get a fully-functioning motor you can plug right back into your operations. Global Electronic Services is unparalleled in the field in our commitment to providing you with superior customer service when it comes to electronics repair. Contact us for servo repair today and see for yourself!

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