4 Most Unique Employee Benefits

A company thrives on the hard work employees bring to the workplace every day. In today’s competitive market, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to attract skilled, dedicated and enthusiastic workers. Although an old-fashioned pay raise can still please staff members, offering creative benefits may be an even more effective way to retain talent. In fact, one 2015 survey found that almost 80% of employees preferred additional benefits to an increase in pay.

In addition to keeping up with other manufacturing industry trends, offering more employee benefits could help your company compete. Let’s take a look at four of the most unique benefits employers can offer.

1. Flexible Holidays

Not everyone celebrates the same holidays. While your company might stay closed on certain publicly recognized days, offering employees a choice over which holidays they take off can make individuals from a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds feel included. Furthermore, it gives workers more control over when they work and allows them to prioritize the annual events that mean the most to them — whether that’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali or even a loved one’s birthday.

If you want to start offering this benefit for your employees, choose a set number of paid holidays and allow workers to reserve specific dates at the beginning of the year.

2. Pet Parental Leave

Traditional parental leave allows new parents to spend time bonding with their children without jeopardizing their financial stability or worrying whether they’ll have a job to come back to. Offering generous paid parental leave is a great way to boost employee happiness.

Although some countries still have work to do when it comes to supporting new parents — notably the United States — some employers are going above and beyond by offering paid leave for new pet owners in addition to parents. Just as parental leave makes it easier to adjust to life with a newborn, pet leave allows employees to care for their furry friends and adapt to new routines.

If your workers already seem satisfied with your maternal and paternal leave policies, consider adding this fun perk to your list of employee benefits.

3. Volunteer Days

Most people want to make a difference in the world. Unfortunately, individuals can sometimes struggle to find this satisfaction at work. Some companies are promoting a happier workforce and improving their communities by offering paid volunteer days. With this benefit, your employees can take time off to dedicate themselves to the causes they care about.

In addition to paid volunteer days, you might offer to match any donations your employees make to charitable organizations.

4. Paid Tuition Fees

To many employees, career advancement is just as valuable as earning a good salary. One way to show employee appreciation is to contribute to college tuition fees or pay for training within your industry. Workers throughout your company will appreciate your dedication to their long-term success.

Invest in Employee Happiness

When you invest in employee satisfaction, your company can meet more ambitious performance goals, attract highly skilled professionals and develop a positive reputation. Workers who have the benefits and support they need can produce more while leading more enjoyable lives. To discover other ways to minimize downtime and make your manufacturing business more successful, contact Global Electronic Services today.

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