How Reshoring Could Change America’s Manufacturing Landscape

With the shift from manufacturing to services and tech jobs in recent decades, a regular talking point for most U.S. elections is domestic jobs. Sustainability of any and all jobs will play a huge role in America’s manufacturing power finding its past success and maintaining it. With that in mind, it will be just as important to “reshore” or bring back companies that have left as it will be to attract new businesses to set up shop in the States.

By refining the manufacturing process from a domestic standpoint, companies that bring jobs back to the U.S. could find new, sustained life. In no particular order, here are a few ways how that’s possible.

  • Talented People – It may sound cliché, but a business’ strongest assets are its people, and the current climate of manufacturing makes this truer than ever. Past offshoring of jobs focused heavily on cheaper labor, but vast upgrades to technology used and the complexity of materials produced makes highly skilled, educated, autonomous labor an important resource to have. Such workers can be more easily found in the U.S. than in overseas markets.
  • Location – Companies that “reshore” their operations in the U.S. need to keep proximity to their target markets in mind. Shorter shipping and travel distances shortens the logistical chain and saves money, while giving customers a reliable product or material source within a reasonable distance.
  • All-In-One – Vertically integrating each step of the manufacturing process creates built-in efficiencies to cut lag time, encourage just-in-time production, cut down significantly on logistical costs, and cross-train workers for every step of the process. If the market or a big contract dictates a change somewhere in the production line, a vertically integrated company can make quick changes without disrupting workflow.
  • Stress “Made in the U.S.A.” – The meaning of this phrase has shifted in recent years to refer to more than just quality and durability. It now also speaks to the business practices of the parent company and their dedication to their community and workforce. Finding business partners and customers who share that same value will help reinvigorate the value of an American-made product and put public support firmly behind U.S.-based businesses.

The power and might of the U.S. manufacturing industry has, and can again, adapt to the changes and demands in the market by focusing on strategies that will equally benefit customers, employees, and employers. What sort of industries do you believe will “reshore” their facilities to the United States in the future?

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