Recapping CES 2022: Five Big Takeaways

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the biggest technology expos in the world. Each year, innovators come together to present exciting new products and gadgets, and the world gets a glimpse into the future. This year, the event drew more than 45,000 in-person attendees from 119 countries, and while it centers on consumer electronics, a segment of the expo speaks to manufacturing.

Intel Alder Lake S-series and H-series processors

Famed chipmaker Intel has developed new processors that, given their advertised capabilities, could quickly pave the way for a more robust and powerful industrial internet of things (IIoT). Designed to help with edge computing, Alder Lake S-series and H-series processors can process data at the point of generation in real time to take the load off primary control systems. Edge computing is the next step for manufacturers in creating digital twins and developing predictive maintenance strategies, and Intel’s Alder Lake processors offer a real path forward.

Heavy equipment with electrical drivetrains

Bobcat aims to join the growing trend of electricity-powered heavy equipment with its T7X compact track loader. Instead of the usual diesel power and hydraulics, the T7X uses an electrical drivetrain system, which enhances performance and makes it simpler to operate. With a robust onboard computational system, and its ability to gather data quickly and efficiently, the T7X will also allow construction companies to develop better predictive maintenance strategies.

The HiberEasypulse fleet monitoring system

Asset tracking and enterprise asset management (EAM) technology company Hiber debuted upgrades for its HiberEasypulse fleet monitoring and management technology. With a satellite enabled IIoT system, the HiberEasypulse tracks heavy vehicles and machinery and improves monitoring and maintenance. The system is specifically designed for the mining and forestry industries, but any sector using heavy machinery can benefit from this technology as a foundation for enterprise asset maintenance.

Formlabs 3D printing innovations

3D printing is a continuously improving sector of the manufacturing industry. At CES 2022, Formlabs, a leading 3D printing company, debuted its Form 3 and Form 3B+ printers — its fastest printers to date. The new models offer improved speed, resin quality, print quality, and support removal. They’re also designed to facilitate a better user experience and promote factory efficiency. Formlabs anticipates booming demand for 3D printing across broad engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Palantir Technologies’ big data platform

Manufacturing giant Hyundai recently partnered with Palantir Technologies to develop a huge data platform, which it highlighted at CES 2022. The platform will integrate data across all channels, including offshore engineering, industrial machinery, energy, and logistics. This venture is a prime example of the increasingly robust capabilities of an Industry 4.0 approach and could set a precedent for how other large manufacturers cultivate and deploy their data moving forward.

CES 2022 isn’t just for consumers

CES 2022 highlighted everything from advanced 3D printing to big data platforms for Industry 4.0 manufacturing operations.

While it’s primarily regarded as a consumer electronics show, CES never disappoints in its presentation of innovative manufacturing technologies, and this year’s show was no different.

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