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Servo motors, hard drives and disk drives are a few of the crucial devices in industrial settings. Though these environments need electronics, they may have conditions that put them at risk of malfunction. Servo drive enclosures are made to protect servo motors from these conditions while ensuring they run efficiently.

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What Are Drive Enclosures?

Drive enclosures act as housing that covers and protects electronics. They’re available for servo motors and hard drives. These enclosures are made from sheet metal, aluminum or plastic, and they keep the electronics from getting damaged while allowing the them to remain connected to the closed-loop systems they’re a part of.

Common features of servo drive enclosures include:

  • Vents: Enclosures have vent holes, often hexagonal, to allow heat to escape with minimal airflow resistance.
  • Heat sinks: For enclosures used with high-power servo motors, heat sinks help transfer the heat to a fluid for dissipation.
  • Interface connections: Many drive enclosures have interfaces such as USB to allow the device to make various connections.

Uses for Drive Enclosures

Drive enclosures can be used for any application that requires the use of servo motors and other valuable electronics. Depending on the environment and application, electronics may be exposed to harmful substances like dirt and dust from day to day. Servo drive enclosures keep this debris out of these sensitive components, protecting their integrity without impeding their function.

Some drive enclosures have data storage capabilities, so they can serve as backups. Users can retrieve data from the enclosure if the original data source is corrupted. 

Common Problems and Questions With Drive Enclosures

When required, servo drive enclosures can house multiple electronic devices inside one unit. They don’t affect the function of electronics, so they are removable. The enclosure fits into the frame or carrier of the device.

When drive enclosures are used with computers, they prevent easy replacement of disk drives. It is best to use drives that are nonproprietary or made by a quality manufacturer in these circumstances.

When choosing which drive enclosure to purchase, you need to consider the side of the servo motor. The enclosure size must match the servo motor size for the best fit.

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Buy Servo Drive Enclosures Online at Global Electronic Services

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